Bible Learning Is Now Fun

We live in a world hooked with mobile phones and social media. With ubiquity these technological advancements, we are somewhat losing our base and our moral values. So what do we teach our kids, what do we say to them, how do we communicate, how do we teach them about the bible? Being a strong believer in god, I had… More →

Hill Station Tour of God’s own Country

If you want to behold the nature at its best hence there is no other better place than Kerala. Kerala is southern state of India which is known for its incredible beauty of beaches, waterfalls, tea estates, hill stations also versatility more. Kerala is also known as God’s own country and this name itself tells bundle about the place. To… More →

Oh My God Noida – Offering You Blissful Living

Bayaweaver a newbie in the India real estate market is offering new-age lifestyle with their maiden project named OMG (Oh My God). This is the germinal speculate of the agglutinative backed by BOP Group (the leading real estate consultants and a well-known name in the realty sector). OMG Noida is a reward project that longing submit ultra-luxurious studio and super… More →

God’s own country as adventure

Exploring God’s own country is the life time experience for travelers who love to chart environment and adventure. To sense the incredible beauty of Kerala, you tin pick any tours of Kerala Tour Packages et alii enjoy makeup at its best. Kerala is the southern state of India and it is one of the ideal destinations for travelers around the… More →

Devotions for Dog Lovers – God Helps Us Change Bad Habits

“And lead us not into temptation, but pronounce us from the evil one.” Matthew 6:13 Our springer spaniel Mary is very intelligent; she learns words quickly. Mary is also notably friendly, wagging her stub of a spaniel tail and sashaying her rear-end when visitors come to the house. She is also attuned to people’s moods and she lays hier head… More →

Take a World Cruise Trip and Explore the Beauty of God’s Creation

Cruising itself is an awesome further exhilarating activity. That too, provided it is a world cruise, then it is the heights of fun including enjoyment. Near doing a going for a world cruising vacation, you can enjoy traveling to various countries and cities across the world. Prominent countries such that Australia, Asia, Middle East, America, Europe, Pacific and many others… More →

Pilgrimage Travel to Haridwar – The Gateway to God

Haridwar, which literally means ‘Gateway of God’, is a very important sacred pilgrimage site. Thousands and thousands of tourists visit this town on the banks of the Ganga Fluvial with hearts voluminous of prayer to seek blessings. There are several pilgrimage travel packages in India. However, Haridwar is one of the most important and sacred sites in the country. One… More →

God, Our Refuge, Strength and Protector

Poor baby Jesus! he is solely atiny low kid, and already his life is in peril, as we have a innate to detected within the passage from Matthew 2:13-23 earlier during this morning’s service. This passage is associate example of however the events within the will Gospels square mensuration the fulfillment of will prophecies. for instance, the very fact that… More →