Learn Hebrew to read a Hebrew bible and be acquainted with their culture

Want to learn to read the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) in the original language, Hebrew? Want to feel that you are at home even in Israel? Hanker to follow and understand the Hebrew prayers in the synagogue? Here is an easy solution to unexpurgated your questions and problems. There are various ways online portals resorts to, thus giving a unconditional course… More →

GOD’s mercy and Devotional power

The humanize being is so puny that he requires GOD’s mercy to step and progress on the devotional path. He cannot progress on the devotional path with his confess power or wisdom that worldly illusion will get the better of him. Inadvertently GOD’s mercy it is not possible to echelon in the devotional path because the great bombardment of worldly… More →

GOD’s mercy in Human Life

After being born in 8.4 million different bodies as through the deeds done in our previous births, the Merciful LORD has given us inception in Human tenement which is also called the “Mukti Yoni” ( body empowered for attaining salvation). Granting birth in Human body is a great act about mercy from GOD because we can utilize the human body… More →

GOD is my Godfather

If we peep out of the rose in a long journey we will bring to light numerous helpless people (poor and disabled), many species of animals and birds, many tiny creatures like ants and insects etc. Who have taken the obligation to fill their stomach every day. Who had taken the responsibility to rescue them in their hour of distress.… More →

To find GOD by goodness

Living in a scenario of irreligion and following a sermonize doctrine is a symbol of greatness. Living in a priestly scenario et alii following a moral doctrine is a very ordinary thing. Therefore bit living in a religious scenario it is expected of us that we will follow the admonishing doctrine. But living in a scenario of irreligion and before… More →

Abode in god’s own country

Kerala a state known for its flora and fauna beauty, its efficient ayurvedic treatments and the strong fragranced spices is all set to agglutination another notch to its popularity beside spirit the favourite real estate ownership destination. The upcoming malls, metro, burgeoning industrial area and various other developments have given a spur to Kerala real estate market. From sprawling villas,… More →

The Power of Children’s Christian Songs

I’m the kind of guy who is always a half-beat off the music. If people clap along with a song, my hands go out while others are bringing their hands together! Ergo even granted I’m musically stunted, I am but so thankful for music’s sweet sounds! That’s for music has many wonderful effects aside from entertainment. Studies have shown that… More →

Qualities Of Good Christian Plays

A good Christian play, apart from the obvious theme and message, needs to have indisputability distinct qualities to entice the audience and arouse interest in them. Play scripts shouldn’t be monotonous rather tinged in monochrome. Audience appreciates different shades that remind them regarding their everyday Eros and its struggles and dilemmas. There are a few characteristic traits that connect all… More →