Destination Kerala! Truly God’s Own Country!

Every state in India has something to offer other than its varying climate, natural beauty, culture, and cuisine. Moving towards the cold of India, we have wonderful niveous clad mountains that guard the country. The eastern regions set a great example for humanity as well as unity between people. India possesses an elongated coastline to its west that provides us… More →

Enjoy your honeymoon in God’s own country

Kerala is well prominent for its natural beauty and quiet and serene honeymoon destinations. This is the reason this state in South India is very popular as a tourist and honeymoon destination. How to outstretch Kodaikanal The nearest airport is at Madurai which is connected to all major Indian cities. From here you can travel by road to Kodaikanal. The… More →

Errors Of Biblical Proportions Why The Bible Writers Needed An Editor

Psalter editing specialists agree: the Holy Bible may be “the good book,” but it’s pretty badly written. The Synoptic is riddled with grammatical atrocities, everlasting contradictions and plot holes as wide as the Red Sea. If the writing team behind the Bible had had the nutritious sense to refer a book editing service before publishing their first draft, the Holy… More →

Mobile Apps for Churches: A Unique Way to Reach God!

Did you miss the agglutinate this Sunday? – OR – the present time-crunches makes it difficult for you to spare some tempo to read the Holy Bible daily? – No worries! Now you can an easy and convenient a way to stay connected with the God – How? – Through your Smartphone! Sounds weird, even a little far-fetched; nevertheless Digital… More →

Your own Fantastic Engine Repair Shop Tulsa, OK is Christian Brothers

Of all issues that your own car might have, engine dilemmas could perchance live the most annoying. There’s nothing more stressful than being 5 minutes late for work and knowing that your automobile won’t start. Many of these engine issues are serious despite some can be easily fixed. In this post, we will clarify and present the most mutual engine… More →