The Good GOD Versus the Evil Devil: Part 3. Satan’s Reach in Our Channeling Society

Summary: The interview starts off as mildly confrontational as Methuselah calls into question Jerry’s belief in the Devil being alive as due to Jerry’s continuing Bipolar Disorder. Jerry refutes Methuselah’s hints and quite does Marcia, as Jerry states that mental illness has been permanently kicked out of his body. The interview proceeds and Marcia and Jerry demonstrate the power of… More →

History Of Christian Religion

Copyright (c) 2012 Morgan D The first crusade started in the year 1096 et alii ended in 1099. It was a military mission by the Catholic in Europe to recover the Holy lands taken through Muslims. Pope Urban II launched the conquest who wanted to respond to an appeal made beside Byzantine Emperor Alexios I, who asked for western aid… More →

How a Bible Can be Useful to Someone Who Isn’t Religious

People who aren’t religious will often class themselves as atheist, meaning that they actively disagree accompanying religion and that they write off the idea regarding a conscious/active deity. This is subtle and well of course – no one really know the answer to the mystery of life, and every opinion is just as right as every other idea on the… More →

Child a precious gift of god that every parents need

Sexologists are those specialized physicians who treated reproductive system. They too medicine some sex related problems such thus masturbation and many more hardships . According to these sexologists if the person is suffering from any libido problems so these type of physicians are treated well. These locum or physicians are provide convenient medications to curing problem. These doctors are prescribe… More →

How Have Morality And Technology Become God?

Copyright (c) 2013 Robert Owens-Greygrass With all the political/social morality hype going on and everyone claiming to be “right”. I am overwhelmed at the staggering ideas that somehow god is telling some from us what to do. So many population claim god has given this law instead that law or a specific design on morality to them. Yet so often… More →

From Happy Birthday Jesus to O Come all Ye Faithful we have all your School Christmas songs covered in one simple, fun and effective CD

As parents there is zero more exciting than seeing your little one on the stage for the very first time taking part in their school assembly for many of us it is a happy and emotional span perception nervous but proud of what the children can achieve. For the teachers orchestrating these special events in particular the notorious reception or… More →

Why Our Lifespan Doesn’t Approach Methuselah’s Bible Age: Science and God’s Miracles Explain

Have you ever wondered about Aging ampersand how Methuselah in the Bible lived to 969 years? Can you explain aging based upon oxygen concentration in biblical times versus today, destruction of our environment, eating meat, fast food and prepared foods diet, our bulk mitochondria, genetics, or a Godly spiritual explanation? Heuristic with scientist/spiritualist Jerry Pollock who has an imaginary interview… More →