Our Sober Approach to God

When a Chaplain in a treatment facility I have had the opportunity to hear many stories from people. I hear many hardships in session as I meet the patients in drug treatment. In many from the stories, often, there is a customary refrain. Refusal but do the stories tend to sound similar but the response of the patients and what… More →

God Will Deal With Cheaters

When the Lord told Jacob to leave Laban and go back home, He explained the situation to his wives, Rachel et al Leah. Laban was their father, so this was not just a work-related dispute; it was also a family dispute. We can see in Genesis 31:6-9 that Jacob “kept his cool” throughout the years of Laban’s unfair treatment. Alternatively… More →

El Paso churches- A medium to unite the souls with God

No digit can acquire the enlightenment to leave for heave, without proper guidance. Thus, El Paso churches are formed to simplify the teaching of the Bible by giving proper examples to make people understand the basics of Christianity. These churches not only spread the teachings regarding Jesus, but also provide shelter, education and potion to those who are struggling with… More →

How to Motivate Students by Jesus Zeus Salas

Recently, Jesus Zeus Salas presented as a motivational speechmaker at the Miami Dade Regional Juvenile Hindrance Center’s Extravaganza Day. Below, Jesus Salas shares some regarding his pointers for how teachers, parents, and mentors can well inspire and motivate their students to use education to obtain greatness. Make Lessons Meaningful One of the most common questions that teachers hear is “why… More →

Christian First Date Advice You Need Know

Online dating is befitting popular nowadays with a lot of singles finding their lifetime partners through the web. But while you start off getting to cognize each other online, the first date or the first meeting can indigen a little unnerving . So let me exhale you some nuggets of information for the first date to make the moment less… More →

Latest Trends In Christian Clothes & Apparels – II

In these days, people have begin various ways to remember & worship the God. Christian clothing & apparel is one of the best ways among sundry others for remembering the god. It’s the phenomenon people allow become busy and they acquire exciting life-styles & excessive amount from work-schedules. So, they are not able to pray in front of their God… More →

5 Christian Dating Myths Debunked

There are several myths surrounding Christian dating which most Christian singles fall into. Just like any knowledge there are some things that people believe to be verify without any valid reason that the Bible even supports. Likewise let me discuss five misconceptions that most Christians have about dating. Myth #1 I can date anyone who do denial have the constitute… More →

Christian Singles Online Dating: The Advantages And Disadvantages

Online dating is gaining much popularity today with universality these dating websites sprouting all over the web. It is an interesting way to meet singles and it also offers a lot of opportunities for its members. So before you pass some judgment just yet, her are the advantages and disadvantages of online dating. Advantages Dating can be a ideal awkward… More →

Single Christian Woman Dating Tips: Things You Should Know

As a Christian woman navigating the Christian dating scene should give you a few stuff to consider. You don’t have to follow conventional ways that you can detect on reality shows ere on movies to make it romantic. What you need is astuteness and responsibility to identify the right actions, words and decisions though dealing with men. When it comes… More →

The Good GOD Versus the Evil Devil: Part 2. God and the Animal Soul

Summary: Your Animal soul is made up of both light and dark energy receptors that get activated respectively through energy likely either from our Divine soul or our evil inclination. The energy follows distinct energy pathways that are measurable. The animal soul is liability for our good and bad moral choices and God is the scorekeeper since He is monitoring… More →