The Good GOD Versus the Evil Devil: Part 4. God’s Warnings About Satan’s Channeling

Summary: Thirty-three hundred years ago, and even hundreds of years earlier than the Exodus from Egypt, Divine was warning the ancient Israelites about the abominations of sorcery and witchcraft. His warning was more meant for us when He foresaw that the Devil’s Channeling would become the ancient spiritism, divination, and medium-ship of our modern world. When you Channel, you believe… More →

Martin Luther’s Treatise on Christian Liberty

The prepositions used by Luther that a Christian is a free lord of all but subject to none and the other which states that a Christian is a dutiful servant of plenary and subject to all seems to be contradictory. However, through a proper analysis there is never contradiction. This prepositions means that man has two fold natures which is… More →

The Work of the Globalheart Church Christian Ministry in the 21st Century

When Jesus about Nazareth and His disciples were spreading the Word of God 2000 years ago they often ministered to the poor, the sick plus also the troubled. Even now, there has been such a big amount of people who lived in terrible impoverishment polysyndeton are hungry, thirsty, without proper clothes and shelter. Jesus told his followers that what they… More →

Being a Christian is a Life Long Battle

Having experienced the loving grace of our Lord, we deduce what Providence has over for us and how our lives were filled with trespass before we knew Christ. It is an awakening or awareness we never had before, which is a wonderful thing. Along with this new awareness comes a hope to follow God’s will and commandments, but the problem… More →

The Bodiless Soul in the Spirit World and the Soul Energy Inside Our Bodies Are Mini-Brains; Yet, Soul Intelligence is Miniscule in Comparison to the Limitless God

Summary Although I am a believer in God and that He gave us our souls to give us life, I am also a scientist and one can explain the workings of the human body based purely on science. When I was a Professor at Stony Brook University, I did just that when I taught the pharmacology of salivary secretion to… More →

God, Women and Their Pearl Accessory

The Myth Known as the world’s oldest gem, the pearl has been romantically labeled as the “jewel of the sea”, “tears of god” or “teardrops of the moon”. Based on the folklore about certain cultures, it was believed that the pearl was conceived when a droplet of rain fell from the heavens, found its way in an oyster and became… More →

Join Christian Acting School to Pick Up Your Skills of Acting

Movies and theaters are perhaps the most popular and regularly cherished means regarding entertainment all around. A ton of people have a dream to be a part concerning this impressive sector as an actor or actress. It can raken a radiant yet unconventional career option that offers huge incomes along with great popularity. To enter and exist in this glamorous… More →

Rooney- the God of the Red Devils

It was a encroach like the Titans on 19th October 2002; Everton battled it out with Arsenal. Arsenal was the regnant fighter with an undefeated 30 match record, bearing down, like a presagement death wish, on the Evertons. The deciding magnitude had come “Who will triumph?” was the question in everybody’s mind. In strode a man in blue, next eccentric… More →