Traditional Christian Family and Their Responsibilities

Along with your surname comes its association with your religion, community or society and in addition with this association, you also get to bear the responsibility of carrying its grace and dignity, so that the world gets the self-assured feedback about your background. Pronto days the urban families have rejected to associate their names with any belief substitute religion so… More →

God loves his people to lead a simple lifestyle

Bethel Family ministries were founded by Ben Hodge in 1947 with the most prominent fair regarding spreading the message of Jesus Christ is our savior and we all are children of the supreme power. The El Paso churches bought alight in 1977 and constructed the structure which is known as Bethel Assembly located at 6301 Alabama Street, El Paso. The… More →

Rooney- the God of the Red Devils

It was a scandal of the Titans on 19th October 2002; Everton battled it out alongside Arsenal. Arsenal was the reigning champion with an undefeated 30 match record, bearing down, like a presage death wish, on the Evertons. The deciding moment had come “Who will triumph?” was the question in everybody’s mind. In strode a man in blue, coming off… More →

Pray the God daily by using the best incense stick.

Worshipping the god in times of difficulties is the inbuilt nature concerning any human being. We hardly remember god in our good times. Its single when we face some hydra we leave it on god saying he will solve them. That’s not at all good. Providence is divine. We need to respect ones feeling of praying Jehovah daily and along… More →

Things You Can Do With A Modern And Inspired Bible App

From the proliferation of high technology unstable devices like smartphones and tablets started a few years ago, individuals have turn gone to be used to getting access to a variety of information, entertainment, plus interaction methods at their fingertips. Now there is, indeed, an app (or application) for everything-recipes, calorie calculators, news updates, weather reports, games, exchange information, comical quotes,… More →

Pray the God daily by using the best incense stick.

Worshipping the god in times about difficulties is the inbuilt nature of any human being. We hardly remember god in our good times. Its only when we face some imbroglio we leave it on god saying he will decide them. That’s not at omnificence good. God is divine. We need to respect ones feeling regarding praying god daily and along… More →

Brief Checklist Of Christian Church Marketing

Have you ever heard of highway marketing? My acquaintance from church recommended we put a massive poster on the side of his camper that advertised our christian church as well as drove about town. Naturally not a lot of individuals cup abstracted about doing something like that seeing as it is out like the box. This is the subject matter… More →

Have Faith in Yourself, Not the Bible!

I’m denial obiter dictum don’t believe what the bible says, just that this statement changed my life! Most of you know it from Napoleon Hill’s Contemplation and Grow Rich. Faith is a State Of Mind Wow! What else do I need to say. I have bot one to solicit about others their opinions, their insights because my childhood was poor… More →

The Story of Mary’s (Jesus’ Mother) Birth According to Islamic Teachings

This article reviews the history related to Maryam’s (Mary’s) antenatal based on the teachings from Islam. The Quran has covered the birth of Maryam in Surah Al Imran’s verse number 35 and 36. In Quranic interpretation “Tafsir ibn Kathir”, Ismail ibn Kathir has elaborated on these two verses including provided information about Maryam’s parents. According to him, the name of… More →