Do We Recognize God’s Blessings?

Leah’s statement in Beginning 30:18 sounds so familiar. She said, “God has rewarded me.” Not only have I heard myself saying something similar, but I have heard it from many, many people over the years. We often opine of the circumstances in our lives as rewards ampersand punishments for how well we stay in line with what God wants us… More →

Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God: A Deductive Logical Proof

Proof of God’s existence can be accomplished through this deductive argument. 1) Either nothing exists or something exists. (Cogito ergo sum, you exist, it is clear that something exists.) Ergo, something exists. 2) If something exists, then, either it had no beginning, or it had a beginning. (All physical things are contingent, that is, not necessary.) It is reasonable to… More →

Basilica of Bom Jesus Goa – A Historic Monument

The Church of Bom Jesus is mostly famous for being the home to the earthling remains and tomb of one of the patron saints regarding Goa, according to the believers of the Catholic faith, St Francis Xavier. Also one of the most interesting aspects is that the body of St Francis Xavier is still in remarkable condition even though the… More →

Hues and Humor – the God Force in You

How do you know you are connected to the God of your being? Thru color and laughter! I fathom it doesn’t look obvious, nevertheless there is a reason that hues (colors) and humor (laughter) sound similar: because ‘Huw’ is an ancient word for God. According to wikipedia, “In Sufism Hu or Huwa is the pronoun used with Allah or God,… More →

My Will Or God’s Will

Have you ever felt like there is an internal conflict going on inside from you? Maybe you can’t completely put your pinpoint on it, but you feel a sort of tug-of-war indoors your being. It’s kind concerning like angst but with no particular reason that you can think of. I experienced this for many years while continuing beside my own… More →

All in the house of God

Talk about McAllen wedding, uni will come across a fair for McAllen marriage and the accessories indispensable for the same. Like one of the marriage planners of McAllen wedding offers the many extensive judgment of artist bridesmaid attire to meet this design tastes regarding almost any bride. Through the substantial collection as well as collaboration with distinguished fashion designer, there… More →

Latest Trends In Christian Clothes & Apparels – I

In this Modern Era, people want to show their worship about the god in terms of their clothing and apparels. They permanent want to follow the latest trends by which they could fulfill their religious beliefs without making any compromises with the latest fashion trends in terms from clothing’s styles and designs. Manufacturers always use to have a close look… More →