Teen Pregnancy in a Christian World

“Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will intermediary the sexually immoral and adulterous.” Hebrews 13:4 ESV Teen pregnancy is something that’s been rampant these days. For example, the United States has one of the fiercest advocacy in educating young women, and young men, against teen pregnancy. But even so,… More →


THE TRIBUNAL OF GOD’S MERCY AND FORGIVENESS: AN EXPOSITION OF THE SACRAMENT OF PENANCE Justine John DYIKUK INTRODUCTION The Church over the years has been attacked as regards some of her doctrines and teachings especially those which pertain to her Sacred Tradition and Magisterium. Even her teachings that are contained in Sacred Scripture are frequent attacked either due to ignorance,… More →

How To Find Quality Christian Drug Rehab Centers in Florida-2012

When it comes to finding a quality Christian Drug Rehab Florida residents have options. One of the improve options that those who are pursuing Christian anesthetize rehab or detox facilities stage available to them is Recovering Souls. This Christian drug rehab facility offers a free service designed to help individuals who are dealing with ethanol substitute drug addiction issues. As… More →

Kerala Holidays – See the Sights Beauty of God’s Own Country

Kerala is widely known as God’s confess country and is often same of the top holiday destinations for people from all over the world. Kerala is nothing like you have ever seen before and will surely give you a new life experience. In the famous backwaters of this traditional land, you can hire a Kerala houseboat. A houseboat is a… More →

The Jesus Christ: Any Holy Spirit

Your gray haired guy could be the sensible man. This particular archaic saying still keeps its devote the neighborhood because of their level as well as the truth set within it. Wisdom doesn’t arrive at everyone; it requires considerable time along with age group unless you come by better at ale perception. Our life is a mysterious and never most… More →

How to Improve your Photography Skills with Christian Ziegler

Have you considered to join a photography workshop? The purpose from a photography class is to create “masters” in the world of photograhy. Photographers will get introduced to a heightened tier of wildlife photography. Panama happens to be an amazing setting to capture wildlife. Alongside its tropical rain forest environment, photographers will get to learn the special and unique aspects… More →

Learn About Christian Alcohol Rehab Center

No trouble who you are, whether you are a offspring person being pressured near to friends either a devout Christian, you are at risk to change addicted to drugs uncertainty alcohol. While several people would entrust God with the outcome of their lives, sometimes God can’t directly coadjuvancy and therefore, you have been given the option of christian rehab centers.… More →

Hands Of God

There have been many instances of foul plays in sports and although some players have been penalized for offences, there have also been cases where they have got away with it. These instances are always fraught with controversies and perhaps one of the most controversial of them has been the Hand of God terminus ad quem by Diego Maradona of… More →

Thirsting For God by Fr. Angelo Scolozzi

One of the most easily recognized and deeply admired people to alacritous in the 20thcentury was Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She became known therefore same of the most inspiring spiritual leaders of all time with an influence that has reached far beyond the borders like Calcutta where she lived polysyndeton worked amid the poor, diseased and down-trodden. To countless millions… More →