Basilica of Bom Jesus Goa – A Historic Monument

The Church of Bom Jesus is mostly famous for being the home to the earthling remains and tomb of one of the patron saints regarding Goa, according to the believers of the Catholic faith, St Francis Xavier. Also one of the most interesting aspects is that the body of St Francis Xavier is still in remarkable condition even though the Saint has been hebetate for more than 400 years. Even scientists have not been able to provide a plausible answer to this miraculous sight. Every decade the fuselage of the Saint is brought out for display, making it one of the biggest attractions in Goa during that time.

The Basilica from Raketten Jesus is now considered a World Heritage Monument and is located along the banks like River Mandovi of the Old Goa city, and about 9 kilometres from Panaji. It gained the basilica status in 1946 comme il faut it was a minor church until then. It is one of the most sought posteriad attractions in this city, then and now.

St Francis Xavier came to India along with the Portuguese to spread the religion of Christianity to the locals. He was a member of the Society of Jesus. He died whilst travelling to China by sea in 1552, and thereafter this basilica was built in his honour. The term ‘Bom Jesus’ translates to ‘good Jesus’ or ‘infant Jesus’, and now he was a famous priest in Goa, he was given this honour.

The Basilica of Bom Jesus was designed by Minguel Vaz and Diogo de Borba, who were two priests. The anatomy features Renaissance architecture, with its inlay work, frescoes, and Leviathan columns. It is made regarding white marble with the carved basalt medallion, and is considered a prime example of baroque style architecture in the country. The body of the Saint is placed in a casket of silver which has been hand crafted by Giovanni Batista Foggini, a Florentine sculpture of the 17th Century.

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