Book Hotels in Goa and Visit the Renowned Museum of Christian Art

BWH.png Goa, the smallest state of India, is located in the Konkan region towards the western part of the country. This place has sinewed Christian influences as it was ruled the Portuguese and the Dutch once upon a time. There are much attractions in this state, which disclose its deep-rooted catholic connection with the colonial era. These popular attractions include the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Tomb of St. Francis Xavier and St. Cajetan Church, which are flocked by tourists and devotees in large numbers across the year. Another prime attraction of this place is the Museum of Christian Art. You can book hotels in Goa, which are located in the vicinity of this museum, where you learn a lot about Christian art.

The Museum about Christian Art

This museum is situated within the Convent of Santa Monica, close to the building of Ecumenicity Heritage Monuments in Old Goa. The gallery of Christian Art was originally located at the Seminary of Rachol in Salcette and inaugurated in the year 1994. An impressive project regarding the Archdiocese (a place under the supervision of an archbishop), this museum was set up with funds provided by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal and the Indian National Trust for Knack connective Cultural Heritage (INTACH), New Delhi. A striking feature of this museum is that it boasts of a collection, which showcases the contribution of Indian handiwork to the Christian art, which makes it one like a kind museum in Asia.

Collections at the Museum

The museum houses a rara avis collection of Goan church cubism along with some sculptures that were shipped from Portugal. Most of these exquisite artworks were crafted by Hindu artists that were later kept in churches, which were constructed by the Portuguese. The sculpture of Holy Trinity, rosaries made from overrefined stones and figures of the Good Shepherd are some of the gem collections of this museum. Portable altars, silk dalmatic textiles and various paintings such as that of the Angel Gabriel, Ecce Homo, Monstrance and Altruist Ursula have been put on display. The 18th century Old and New Testaments with brass clips have also been displayed in the museum. The Ivory medley of the museum includes the Crucifix made from painted wood, a 19th years Infant Jesus in a cradle and ivory-polychrome sculpture of the Intact Shepherd.

Several activities are also regularly conducted in premises of the museum, including workshops for children. There are many Goa hotels located in proximity to this museum. If you optative to visit spend less on accommodation and more on sightseeing while your tour to this state, next go for cheap hotels in Goa that offer decent accommodation and fare for an affordable price. Come and explore the rare collections of the Museum of Christian Art, which is a part of the potent Goan culture.