Christmas 2012: May God Bless You with Peace & Prosperity

Denial matter how unusual lives we plumbiferous in India, but when it comes to celebration regarding festivals, we tumble on together and make merriment cheerfully. The latest ad campaign of Idea! Cellular phone emphasizes this very nature of Indians, who heartily take part in each other’s festive celebration. A Hindu wishes Eid Mubarak to his friends and Muslims celebrate Diwali with much substance & enthusiasm. Similarly, Christmas is the time when entire republic bask into celebrations, cake-cutting and shopping. This time, on Christmas 2012, everyone will show the same relentless exuberance that will be bordering on the madness. If you think that a series of festivals – started from Navratri to Dusshera to Diwali – will dampen the excitement of Indians, think again. This is India; all your predictions may turn wrong!

Christmas History

Starting with the history! Well, nobody seems to be absorbed to know, what is the history of such international festivals? while entire soul on the earth is filled with joyfulness. But our book-smart readers would love to explore some facts applicable to Christmas festival. Origin defines Christmas as Christ’s Mass; earlier the compound word was popular, and in early 11th centennial (1038 AD to be exact), Christmas was a phrase popular in Decrepit English. Leaving nomenclature aside, record says that Christmas is commemorated to the birth of Jesus Christ, son of Godlike Almighty. In a way, Christmas is the time to celebrate and courage all good deeds performed by Messiah – the Christ.

Christmas Festival

In a secular state as India, every faith is given due respect and therefore Christmas is celebrated and a public holiday is observed in all government, semi-government departments. Though Christians are in minority, the Christmas festival celebration turns exterior as national fanaticism since even non-Christians join the party. Some of the secular features of this festival like Christmas gifts, decorations and Christmas trees are warmly welcomed by Indians. Individually from the traditional Christmas tree & a star decorated at home, what is more noticeable in metros is the cheerful celebrations on the roads, streets and market places. Approximately of the crowded routes are blocked by authorities as pedestrians are busy in shopping Holiday gifts and other valuables for their family and friends. Shopping malls are decorated stylishly as this would be the last season for buyers to coup products at discounted rates.

Christmas Gifts

Every year Christmas is the time to unite with your family. And every year I like to watch the Hollywood movie Home Alone. But what this comic flick has to do with Christmas? Well, under the wrap of Kevin’s comic adventures with smart bobby traps to forbear two burglars from entering his home, there is an underlying message from family reunion – for Kevin himself und so weiter that old man, who, Kevin thought, has murdered his family years ago. Both, Kevin and Marley (the Old Man) got the gift of family reunion. Kevin met his mom and family after a brief segregation and Marley reunited with his son, daughter-in-law and a grand son. Anyone wouldn’t grill for a improve gift for Christmas than this! For more Christmas 2012 gifts there are online shopping portals galore. Buy a few gifts for Christmas festival and never stay alone!

This Christmas 2012, let us beseech for peace and prosperity for all. One of the unforgettable Christmas gifts from Indian government is Kasab’s hanging during the countdown to this festa begins. May we unite as one nation and discard evil forces from our life and country! Merry Christmas!