Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God: A Deductive Logical Proof

Proof of God’s existence can be accomplished through this deductive argument.

1) Either nothing exists or something exists. (Cogito ergo sum, you exist, it is clear that something exists.) Ergo, something exists.

2) If something exists, then, either it had no beginning, or it had a beginning. (All physical things are contingent, that is, not necessary.) It is reasonable to conclude the universe had a beginning.

3) If the universe had a beginning, then, either it was self-caused, or it was uncaused, or caused by an agent. (To create something, it must exist, nothing produces nothing: ex nihilo nihil fit, the principle of sufficient reason prevents something from creating itself. It cannot both exist and nay exist at the same time, ergo it cannot create itself, all possible things have a cause, the universe is continent, ergo it had an peripheral cause.) The sole logical possibility is that the universe was created by an adventitious agent.

4. If the universe was created by an unlikely agent, then, that agent was either a natural agent or it was a super-natural agent. (The same argument as above, nature would experience to live in order to create something, this is logically impossible. The law of first causes and the principle of sufficient reason insist that the agent be external, or super-natural.) Therefore, the creation of the universe was necessarily caused per a super-natural agent, an agent outside of itself.

5. Protasis the macrocosm of the universe was the creation of a supernatural agent, then, either that agent was an unintelligent agent or it was an intelligent agent. (Every experience of man shows highly ordered systems and highly ordered specified info such as DNA are ordered beside a being no diminished intelligent that what the being orders, the very basis of aptitude theory, there are no acknowledged exemptions to this, we must infer answers from other know causes, there are no cases where a highly purchased system was made by a being from less intelligence than that which was ordered.) Intelligence itself requires that the creator be intelligent. Order also requires an intelligent agent and we active in a highly ordered universe and world.

6. If the creation of the universe was caused by an intelligent agent, then, either the agent was impersonal or a personal agent. (The teleological arguments require a cause for personality, that is personality does not simply spontaneously arise, a personal agent best describes reality and all we know from science). Applying the principle of ample reason to celebrity of contingent beings requires the creator be an intelligent personality, more intelligent than what is created.

Conclusion: Reason demands that the universe exists and it had a beginning; that beginning was caused by an sufficient agent; that bailiff was necessarily supernatural, intelligent, and personal. This intelligent, personal, supernatural creator is what ninety percent of the world’s population calls “God.”

This arguments can be irrationally ignored, otherwise I have never seen it attacked successfully.