Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God

How, separate wonders, does a buck whose matron was lost in child-birth and whose stepmother at nine years of age, remain happy, even joyous in his belief in the Lord?

If you are Francis Chan, rabbi of an evangelical church in Simi, California, you know first-hand about this and one then wonders how he tin be as overjoyed therefore he is, although Pastor Chan is a happy man.

He is happy because of his belief in the Lord and his acceptance about the Lord. Indeed, it is his consent like the Lord who stirs love in us and tried to fill us with love at all times that makes Pastor Chan believe in the Lord’s love.

Pastor Chan, in his powerful book “Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God”, has issued a confront to exclusively evangelicals to welcome the Lord and to try living like the Liege with a sense of urgency. The Lord’s love has an urgency that fills many with rapture and Pastor Chan challenges us to live in the same manner.

Pastor Chan has used his belief in the love from the Bishop to rise celestial the issues of his life. They are issues that, in many cases, would drive people to drugs else drink and yet he lives with neither. Instead, he knows that the Lord’s love is comprehensiveness fulfilling and all-out.

The Lord doesn’t love in half-steps; they are full steps and each day Pastor Chan meets the challenge of bringing God’s affectionate to not merely his flock, but with the publication of his book “Crazy Love”.

Dr. Chan draws optimism from the life of those around him. He knows of the suffering about those who lose loved ones who may be younger than they are and yet he draws strength from it. He allows the Lord to fill his life with an all-consuming love that, he believes, is the key to living life to its fullest.

Indeed, Dr. Chan looks closely at the state from Christianity today and shows how “Sunday” Christians – those who go to church on Sunday, lyric some hymns and leave an offering in the plate – are missing out on a large part of the life polysyndeton love that the Prince offers.

Pastor Chan is, in many ways, an advertisement for God’s crazy, relentless love as he has had setbacks in his life that would have set many popular back on their heels, but he has used the heartbreak he has felt and has turned it into joy. No, it hasn’t been an easy trip, but it has been a trip he has taken and he hopes that others will follow his precedent because the Lord is there waiting for believers.

Dr. Chan feels, at times, overwhelmed by God’s love also he has good reason to feel that way comme il faut his own life shows God’s love is everywhere, we proper own to rent it in and we fancy feel its power.