Dharamsala – The Land Of God

Kangra Fort located at Dharamsala is the largest and oldest forts of India having seven gates. Inside the bastion are three beautiful ancient temples which tourists gag in thousands to see every year. Dharamsala is actually a fascinating aim with rich history. Those looking forward to an adventurous experience must surely arrange a holiday at Dharamasala part time during the year.

Dharsamsala – Beautiful DevBhoomi

Dharamsala is termed thus the land of God or Dev Bhoomi. It is beautifully located in the northern region in India in Himachal Pradesh State. It makes a perfect hot mottled for domestic connective international tourists total through the year. The oak forest in Himachal and the thick pine forests cover this region.

All through the year it is well covered with thick snow which makes it a traveler’s delight. A lot of streams and rivers are seen flowing all over in Dharamsala. It is divided into two parts, Lower Dharamsala and Upper Dharamsala. Lower Dharamsala is located at a 2500 ft. height where the Secretariat is located at Sidhbari. Topmost Dharamsala is at approx. 7000 ft. height and was founded in 1959 alongside the settlement in Tibet. It is the address of Dalai Lama. Here tourists can get to see a large number of schools, monasteries, meditation centers et sequens temples.

Dharamsala is a beautiful holiday destination situated in Himachal Pradesh a state in the north about India. The beauty here is breathtaking, especially the snow covered peaks, great landscape and dense pine moreover deodar forests.

Tourists throng this place at many of the Dharamsala hotels in thousands. The flaking snow, the glaciers, beautiful rivers flowing, the tall mountains, exotic flora and lots plus are the biggest attractions the Dharamsala tour packages take you to. Most of the revenue generated is from Dharamsala Tourism. It is indeed one of the most natural and spectacular beauties of northern India. Dharamsala is also referred to a spiritual sanctuary, with the numerous Tibetan monasteries seen here.

The other place the Dharamsala holiday package takes you to is the Chinmaya Ashram in Sidhbari. There is a beautiful cricket ballpark built on international standards. It is the highest cricket stadium in the world. Once a vacationist visits Dharamsala, there is always a longing to keep coming backpedal for lots more. The cottages are truly stunning and offer renown accommodation. Palampur, Naddi, Kangra Temple and Kangra Fort are a must visit whether you are at Dharamsala for a tour.