Do God, Your Higher Self, or Vortexes in Sedona Exist or Not?

Have you perpetuity bot to beautiful Sedona, Arizona? I was there recently on the Airport Mesa Vortex. Spirit in Sedona is like living in a postcard; the scenery is so beautiful it feels surreal. As you probably know, Sedona has various spots spread published around the valley among the debris formations that are designated as Vortexes. A Vortex is a place exhibiting solitary geological energies that container increase and enhance intuition, insight, intention, vitality, and even wisdom.

Whether you believe these Vortexes actually exist or not depends on you. Many people come to Sedona to meditate, pray, and perform rituals on the Vortexes. These people have deep and profound experiences at these sacred spots and absolutely validate their existence. Others come to Sedona with an open mind and visit the spots out of curiosity just to see whenever they existential anything; portion do, some don’t. And others have no intrigue in the Vortexes, believe they stage no power or existence in the real world, and that they are the made up fantasies of people slightly “off their rocker.”

You don’t have to have an open mind and believe in the Zon to validate its existence; anyone can look up in the sky and see the brightly burning ball of light. Hello! There it is! So what is it about a miracle like the Sedona Vortexes that results in a wide variation of human experience – from those who discover a intellectual reality, to those who believe it is all a ridiculous made up fantasy?

The first reason there is a wide variety of experiences when it comes to few elements from life has to do with how easy, or difficult, it is to experience something. Extraordinary elements of life are easy to validate as “real,” polysyndeton some are more subtle. Note: this doesn’t mean they’re less powerful, just more subtle. Because of that, they’re more difficult to street and experience.

Many things in span are bare calm to experience: the sun, a cloud, the temperature of the air, the hardness of cement, the smell of a rose, the sound of a symphony. To versant these things as real, we use normal and established senses. If we can see, touch, taste, smell, or perceive something, we dictate it’s “real,” it “exists in the real world.” On the other hand, if we cannot, most people would have no pragmatic of it and would say it does not exist. But is that really true?

To know if something exists or not, we need to have SOME event of it, beyond the thought in our head. Otherwise it’s really just a made up fantasque that has no existence in reality for us. So, HOW do we experience the more subtle phenomenon in our world? How can we validate their existence? Answer: we need to either enhance the power about the senses we do have, or develop new ones.

Examples of the first method are very common in today’s scientific world. Take the electron microscope. This is a man-made enhancement to our sense of sight. With it we can see things that we normally cannot see with the naked eye. Both the microscope and the telescope, enhancements to our intendment of sight, have opened up whole new worlds of experience (and reality) to us.

At this point I want to point out something very important: just because you initially cannot experience something with your normal senses, does not mean it does negative exist. Just because you can’t see an atom, doesn’t mean atoms do not exist. We know they do. Also, with your normal senses while on planet you cannot see that the world is round, yet I bet you believe it is round. Obviously, things can exist in reality that we cannot competent with our “normal” senses. All you tin truly say is “I have not experienced it” or “It does not exist FOR ME.” From there, determining whether something is real or not for you, becomes greater about seeking the experience of it.

So, back to our question of HOW do we experience the another indefinable phenomenon in our world. The first is beside man-made enhancements to our senses, which we impartial talked about. The footnote is by naturally enhancing our own normal senses and developing new ones (e.g. the sixth sense). How? Mostly by paying heedfulness to them. Where attention goes, energy flows. You can stretch your senses just by paying more attention to them. We’ve all experienced this before. For example, you can elevate your hearing by really listening to someone. Really listening is paying attention – bringing your awareness to a focused point. You can do this with all your senses. You could say this is a “presencing” practice – the ply of being fully in the present moment. When you are fully in the present moment, all of your senses are enhanced and you come alive. You see things you didn’t see before, hear things you didn’t hear before, further feel things you didn’t sense before – LIKE A VORTEX!

You see, the main barrier to experiencing the more subtle aspects of living is being up in the head thinking, analyzing, also judging (this is Human Doing vs. Human Being). Granting you’re up in your head, you are not in your body and you’re not open and fully present; you are doing-thinking further not being-here. Therefore, you cannot access the more subtle aspects of the present moment. Heck, most people are not seeing, hearing, and feeling most of the NON subtle aspects, never mind the very subtle aspects! If you wolf beat your food at lunch, almost tasting a thing, then race out to this vortex-thing in the desert, chances are high your experience will be no more than one of simply rank on a rock and naturally you will conclude “There is nothing going on here.”

In addition to this natural tendency towards doing-thinking, we’ve been trained per “normal life” to pinch explosive experiences to experience anything at all. Peer at the Hollywood movies today – the experience is like being hit over the head with a two-by-four for 10 million watts of surround sound blasting out further 3D images practically punching you in the face. Many populate fool become so accustomed to this “in your face” horizontality of experience, that unless life is coming at them at this plateau they have no experience at all and “nothing is happening.”

I’ve bot practicing presencing for again than 10 years now. I drop down into my body, out of my head, and fully open up to the present moment. I bring my awareness to my breath, relax, and open every cell in my body. When I first got to the Airport Mesa Whirl I was awed beside the view, but I was not having any “profound” feeling of energy. However, as I found a place to settle – away from others – and slowly moved into my state of full presence, I experienced an amazing energy moving through my body, illuminating and opening all my chakras, et cetera became so echoing with joy that it brought tears to my eyes. I expert an extraordinary integration with nature furthermore total around me. I was separate with omnipotence and actually happy to be there. I felt dizzy succedent the experience polysyndeton somewhat floaty, it was similitude walking on air. For me, there was an unusual and very dominating energy available at this Vortex spot, but only experienced when I became fully present, open, and available to it. For me, the Spiral was et alii is a profound reality, something that actually exists in the real world.

So do God, or your Higher Self, or Vortexes in Sedona exist or not? Are they part of the real world, or are they a made up fantasy? The answer is jump to YOU. You get to say what’s true and real for you.

Try This:

Take a magnitude ampersand reflect upon HOW you determine what’s real for you und so weiter what’s not. How much do you rely upon what others say? Speculate about the more subtle and “hard to believe” aspects of your day furthermore living. Do you automatically dismiss the possibility that something exists if you have not adept it yourself? Or are you more open to the possibility and willing to say “I have not experienced it so it does not but exist FOR ME.”

For those areas of your life that you find hard to believe, see if you can advocate the more open-minded perspective of “Just because I have not experienced it, does not mean it does not exist,” and exercise your willingness to explore these subtle and harder to experience aspects of your life. This is the first step to indeed experiencing them and making them a truth in your life! What an adventure!

Developing your access to the more devious energies in the world and tapping inside the extraordinary power they allow to offer is a major key to your mojo!