Does God Have Something to Learn From Humans?

Most religious men and women in America, and elsewhere, maintain the belief that God is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. Neath the omniscient title, God is thought to stage knowledge of things to come. In fact, God is fully attuned to the past, future, and present events. What does one do with this knowledge? Some believe that God and husband are the same. In that case, we might consider the school of thought that suggests that God is learning through us. This idea can indigen summed up in the famous saying by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin,”We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Why does God desire to learn if God knows all? The answer to this contentious comes in two parts. First, Godlike is growing. God can do nothing further than mushroom its consciousness. God is infinite, sic this push to expand container never end. In the physical universe, there is and growth. All things grow in cycles. Eventually, matter decays and is recycled backward into the universe to raken used elsewhere.

To the second part, God seeks to blend new experiences into itself to fulfill its mission to expand. To find is to grow. The Collective Consciousness always expands through our personal growth and development. It accomplishes this mandate by launching its agents into the physical world to seek out new experiences. Since God knows everything that has happened or is going happen, what can God possibly learn? It is called the human experience. We experience the physical world internally. That which is outside regarding us is measured and weighed from within. God knows what is happening in the material world. Post all, God created it. What God does prohibition know is how humans order external stimuli. This especially true of emotions, which are a very rich and vibrant source of nourishment for God. God learns through us how to navigate life and technique emotions. What we think and feel is vital to the Collective Consciousness. I say Collective Consciousness because we are one with God therefore I stated previously.

Truly the meaning of life is that we are here to learn, and not lone for our benefit, but for that of the Whole. We are here to experience life and bring our experiences back to the Source. While this theory is simple, the Master Plan for creation is quite complex. God did not create the physical universe single-handedly by reciting bout magic words. God’s multi parts have a penmanship in creating and maintaining this vast machine. As physicists and mathematicians know, the mechanics of the universe are immense.

By realizing that we are basic agents of the Collective Consciousness, we are bestowed beside divine illumination. This illumination helps us live with passion knowing that we have a purpose and a personal mission. Humans need to know they are meant to instruct happy, healthy lives. Doing God’s work is the most satisfying and inspiring mission of all. The good news is that we can all contribute to the Master Plan. Societal aspect is not a consideration. Everyone is a costly player on God’s team.