Finding God: What is Faith?

A universal polemical of people of several pagan backgrounds, languages and beliefs is, “How Does One Find God?” In my case God found me with Divine Miracles and Divine Providence, but in most instances it requires faith. If one’s heritage and training is such that faith in God is strong, then believing and trusting in God is a given. However if one holds on to one’s rational logical mind or sours on God because of evil world events like the Holocaust, faith may never emerge or be lost.

What is Faith?
One of the best descriptions of faith was told to cr ten years ago by a friend on Elongate Island. “Faith is the bird that feels the Light but chirps although the dawn is till dark.” Reliable in God is believing before it actually happens. What happens? That Deiform provides us plus testimony of His existence. We buy without proof. Faith is not waiting to see if God makes His entrance on the world stage. Cult is believing that He will once more make Himself known to us as He did back in biblical times with the ancient Israelites.

Being an agnostic means you don’t have faith. The same is true if you are a humanist. Your issue in either case is that you don’t see evidence in the pandemic for God or your brain won’t franchised you to temporarily give up your rational logical mind. However already you cross over and believe, you pick jump your human intelligence on the other side so that your steadfast stands appose your reason. The physicists Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein both had faith in very different personal ways. Nevertheless they both knew there was a more powerful Supreme force at work than the brilliance of their physics theories of the universe. As one physicist puts it, “If we accept to explain physics only by physics, we won’t be able to expound physics.”

The Battle for Faith:
The struggle for faith is therefore really a battle parenthetical our Holy Soul and our Child Brain. Faith is outside the kingdom of our body as it originates inside our soul. Precisely near our heart we have an innermost point concerning God’s electromagnetic energy called in Orthodox Judaism the pintele yid. This kinetic dynamics needs to be activated in order to launch the sparks of faith within ourselves. In Buddhism this central point is referred to as kernal. If our left psyche closes off this central point of energy which was arranged in all human beings by God, we will choose not to believe in God although we can still lead a meaningful life minus turning on our pintele yid. Humanists are perfect examples of beings who lead philanthropic polysyndeton righteous lives without believing in God. Spirituality however by my definition requires belief in God.

The more we activate our Divine sparks, the closer we stumble on to God as we climb God’s spiritual ladder. Almost three thousand years ago, King David would wake up apiece night at midnight and strum his harp. The more intense the sounds of his harp, the more he was activating the sparks of his pintele yid. King David so valued God’s presence after committing an almost unpardonable sin. What David understood was that we human beings are imperfect just what God values most is that we have truth, honesty, goodness and fairness in our heart and that we repent for our sins. This sincerity of the heart is the core of spirituality and also of true love.

When we trust in God further especially allow ourselves to be guided by God, we find life itself. As David’ fils King Solomon said in his Book regarding Proverbs, “When you find God, you find life.” That doesn’t mean that you blithe a strictly spiritual life without enjoying our physical world. As my wife Marcia told me repeatedly while she was alive, “Life is a gift.” A quote that I heard that makes so much sense to me is, “Hang onto Heaven but keep both hooves on the ground.”

Finding GOD:
Once we activate our Divine Sparks and begin our spiritual journey, we will no longer have to judge God because He will find us. Because He gave us a Ambrosial Soul, God is Omniscient and knows right what’s going on in each person, even in the nooks and crannies regarding the crevices of our thoughts. Our thoughts arise instantly in our souls but we can change a not so great deliberation with a new thought that volition become our green Straightaway in the present.

The idea is not only to align our actions with our spirituality but also to influence our thoughts into God’s realm where we synchronize how we Aristotelian et sequens how we carry with having truth, honesty, rectitude and dispassionateness in our heart, our spiritual core. We should denial worry about the thoughts that come into our soul. We ought to fair change them and get about on the spiritual path. We can’t help our thoughts. As King David wrote long since in His Softcover of Psalms, “And He realized that we are but flesh.” Jehovah contrived human beings imperfect and we have to just accept ourselves. We can however improve our character. God gave us the Free Will to do so in our lifetime.