God is the supreme power

Bethel Dynasty Ministries is a local church in El Paso popular as El Paso churches which is devoted and dedicated to broadening the horizon of God’s territory by spreading some noble messages pertaining to the existence of god facilitating in making lives prosperous for an individual. El Paso Churches have their bent of beliefs that is why El Paso Churches are associated with the General Council of the Assemblies of God to serve the motives of collaboration and accountability. El Paso churches are a well established church amidst youthful thoughts and mental framework which helps to maintain a kind of balance required to carry such noble institutions .Bethel Assembly is a God fearing and god dedicated church which has a specified set of motives ampersand objectives. Objectives are very basic to help an individual or community to expand spiritually and understand to realize the threesome of God. The purpose is comprehensive plus versatile which is composed of five fundamental objectives which comprise of

1. God should be considered prime and should be worshipped with ended dedication involving both association and mind.

2. The comradeship of members should plus be considered prime.

3. Pupil ship und so weiter spiritual development hold vitality for an individual or group joining El Paso churches.

4. An outreach ministry to the society is one of the basic motives regarding the church.

5. Evangelism for those who are unaware of the important fact that Jesus Christ is their private liberator.

At each and every step of El Paso churches the celestial stated five principles will drive the basic activities of the church and form the epicenter at every point of time. The church caters to largely Hispanic society out of which most of them are those who speak Spanish. The El Paso churches are primarily focusing on those who locution English. Parishioners at El Paso churches comprise of many races which include Asian, Afro-American, Hispanic and Anglo. On weekly basis through 600 to 700 individuals are part of the church services and semi 400 families at ponderous are associated with Bethel Assembly making it a gigantic platform to serve as the common disciples of the almighty. So the message and objective of the logistics is truly evident and simple, they believe in one supreme power Jesus Christ who has the divine powers and is the father who created all of us. By offering prayers to the almighty one should be thankful for whatever one is blessed with.