GOD – The Plural Form

Now don’t get excited, the title does not infer that there are a host about Gods in heaven. I hold in only separate Exalt most likely just as you do, and my religion tells cr that my religion is the way to marry with God for eternal life most likely just as yours does.

By comparing countries, religions and languages, it appears that a major cause of much of the conflict in our world can be due to placing one concept of God against another. Even within Christianity one Christian religion may look upon additional Christian religion as inferior. I wrote in my book almost the necessity to give others observe as they should do to you as well. The time has come where we must do the same with religion. Therefore, our interpretation of God should be taken in the plural sense giving each of us the dignity and respect to practice our religion in our lane without infringing on the rights about others who want to do the same, but in added way.

We come back to the basics of looking at people simply as human beings. As such, we develop commonality where religion and the concept of Theological are only expressive to ourselves. This still allows us to preach our interpretation from God, but does not give us the right to infringe on the rights like others if they do not believe rather want to believe as you.

Some of you are going to say that such a statement is desirous thinking. At present, maybe so. Those areas of the secular where there is conflict plus repression many times is unpaid to the lack regarding readiness to practice hierarchic as the people desire. Governments around the world have learned, are learning, and a few still need to learn that freedom of religion is gong to unshackle the unrest that may have brewed for centuries in their indigenous and held them back from being more prosperous.

Let’s take a step back and watch out at the overall picture of what is going on in our universe at present. Every country has over the centuries developed an ethnic race or races that is/are peculiar to that country. When you add the different religions within separate country, you get a greater cross section of people. Some countries even have more than one language and/or dialects. Our world is one nobleness melting pot of a lot of different people.

If you stab to dissect the various forms regarding government from rusticity to country, you preference not find one perfect system, yes, not even the USA. The USA is perceived to be a country of freedoms that are the envy of others, but we now see many areas concerning abuse and lack that necessitate major changes. We all are in an evolving process that will not end during our lifetime. There are some who look on God in the singular sensibility that their religious attitude toward God is the only way to salvation , and this is OK. Most of the calendric it does not affect others who feel the same, but need a different context towards God. Countries need to take a plural coming to God and follow this trend toward ecclesiastical tolerance. Ease up. Give each other some space and respect on their journey to eternal life with God.

Nobody has the right to render religious demands other than to expose pontifical doctrine. This is an internal relationship that no one on the outside world has the right to control. Each of us needs to come to grip with our blood to God as an discrete not as a body from people in a particular religion. We don’t need a temporal of one particular religion. The world can tarry an interesting melting pot or phenomenon therefore of differences regarding race, religion, further language. This longing not be the reason for conflict, killing, et alii rape.

A fundamental precept in Christianity is love. Individuals of all religions should embrace this word as a way of life. Respected and affair your neighbor, and we as a world can find peace and salvation. In the section of the Bible…John Chapter 14, Stich 6. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” Jesus Christ can be your entrance to supertemporal life with God, but don’t you feel that gateway can also exist agape for spiritually good riffraff of other faiths. We can just speculate. All of us should read the religious texts of many religions. Many religious Clerics have studied the Canonical so why not you and me. Learn about Jesus Christ quasi well being the prophets of other religions.

Be an example for yourself. Remember that any form of force other than for self protection does not resolve differences. Allow the concept of God in the plural sense which gives the necessary space for others to do the same. There is room for all of us in heaven. How many are going to be there at judgment day? Why not you and me. Let’s bond concurrently now while there is time!