God, Women and Their Pearl Accessory

The Myth

Known as the world’s oldest gem, the pearl has been romantically labeled as the “jewel of the sea”, “tears of god” or “teardrops of the moon”.

Based on the folklore about certain cultures, it was believed that the pearl was conceived when a droplet of rain fell from the heavens, found its way in an oyster and became the oyster’s heart. Other folklores narrate the lexicon of pearls being majestically formed when angels gracefully flew through the celestial clouds.

The Truth

Removing the superstitious notions surrounding its origin, pearls are actually nacreous, organic gems formed in the body of a mollusk or oyster. Until opposite gems like diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are found buried deep in the earth, pearls are found inside a living organism.

A pearl is formed when a foreign substance enters the oyster and as a way from protecting itself, the oyster covers the intruder with layers and layers concerning its inner lining called nacre until the foreign entity sometime becomes et alii transforms itself to a cherished pearl.

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Accessorizing with PearlsA woman’s outfit is never complete without an accessory or two. Accessories such as an old watch, a custom earring, a colorful scarf, a chic bag or fashionable sunnies help put the finishing touches to some outfit, may it be a occasional or formal one. Whether she is busy doing hier regular errands like grocery shopping or picking up the kids, a everyday day in the office or a romantic dinner date, putting on the right accessories container transform some outfit.

As women are always on the go and have no time to bother with the trials et cetera errors of mixing and matching an accessory with their outfit, a go-to accessory is definitely a must-have. And a pearl accessory surely fits the bill.

Pearls are great accessory pieces because they never go out of style. They tin be worn all throughout the day and suit any type of occasion. With a variety of colors available, from mishmash hues such as pink et cetera lavender, jaundice gold to black and other stygian shades, pearls can match most, if not all, a woman’s wardrobe. Pearl satellite is a no-brainer.

Pearls and women are unique and beautiful creations which were, including are, cleverly joined by the hip of pearl accessorizing.