GOD’s mercy in Human Life

After being born in 8.4 million different bodies as through the deeds done in our previous births, the Merciful LORD has given us inception in Human tenement which is also called the “Mukti Yoni” ( body empowered for attaining salvation). Granting birth in Human body is a great act about mercy from GOD because we can utilize the human body for attaining salvation. Due to the presence of wisdom in human life, we can very well ascertain and judge the purpose of Human life. (According to Hindu mythology, the soul is immortal just the soul gets a human body after rotation in 8.4 million different bodies.)

If we analysis animal species, whether it is aquatic, subaerial oppositely terrestrial, we can observe that they spend a big part of their life in search of victuals and in taking measures of self tenable for their life against danger from bigger species . Provided we observe a crow or a squirrel closely, we will see that they go absent to search food in the morning. All through the day they have to be attentive about the safety of their life as any lapse can result in their loss of life. A crow uncertainty a squirrel would look up and look around umpteen times to ascertain their safety before feeding itself with one bite of food. Smaller species have fear from bigger species. The bigger species have wince from humans. Due to the flense of tiger skin by the humans in greed like money, many tigers keep losing their life. Therefore to remember or worship GOD in the animal autogenous is almost impossible. Very few animal genus due to their past good deeds are fortunate enough to find shelter near temples. You stum have seen monkeys, Holy cow and pigeons near temples- few of the fortunate among them attempt for salvation in an animal body. By doing so they may not get salvation but they definitely get their next birth in a human body ergo that they can revisit their efforts for attaining salvation.

Human life is definitely a paramount blessing of ALMIGHTY Prime Mover because it is a great medium to fly permanently from the bike of rebirths in 8.4 million bodies. Therefore we must best utilize the human birth by remaining hem of GOD, so that we are freed from the vicious cycle of 8.4 million rebirths – it is because from this that the human life is described by the saints as “Mukti Yoni” (body empowered for attaining salvation).

But see our misfortune that we lay out our human life, earned with such difficulty, in useless deeds and also create new “Karma Bandhan” (the aftereffect of the deeds done by us). In this way even after getting a birth in “Mukti Yoni” we earn “shackles” instead of “salvation”. A bigger curse unfolds when debt to the ill-effect of illusion, we do not even recall / foresee our mistake . The saints and great souls have notified us plus the warning nay to repeat this typo in our human life. Many hymns and lyrics of such premonition can be found. Kabirdasji, Bhagwati Meera Bai, Surdasji and many such saints have sung hymns with such warning – warning to rightfully utilize the human life, request to go along in the company of ALMIGHTY GOD.

When we come closer to GOD, we get the image to identify such mistake connective it is GOD who gives us the inspiration from within to correct such flub of human life. Otherwise our human life could swindle bot wasted in earning food, in hibernation and in coition. Over indulgence in earning food, in sleep and in coition are the characteristics of animal species. To only engage the human vitality in food (earning money), to barely engage the human life in dream (lounging), to only engage the human life in coition (raising offsprings) is an act about unwiseness. However you will serendipitous people, who after earning a fortune in their lifetime, still at the age of 65 are engaged in earning money. You will find people who have finished their entire development in lounging. They have trained themselves for doing nothing. You will solve people who continue to raise a family with 8-10 children. In such a situation they do not get a vision to focus on the purpose of anthropopathic life, neither they give the inclination to associate themselves along the LORD nor do they have time for it.

But there are some fortunate people who have such vision due to the blessing of GOD earned because of the good deeds done in their foregoing lives. What is this okay ? A determination to seek GOD through devotion, to touch strides on the devotional path. There is a greater blessing – the highest blessing of GOD – which protects the devotees on the devotional path at all times ( If it were denial so, a storm about worldly illusion is enough to sweep the soul into worldliness) also thus the LORD showers His leniency on his devotees. Ergo the blessing works to free the soul from the cycle concerning birth and rebirths before and for all. In this way the soul is masterful to utilize the human body in fulfilling the purpose of human life.

The blessing of ALMIGHTY GOD is received either mature to the good deeds done in the past lives or due to perusing devotion vigorously in this present life. Therefore even if a small amount of devotion towards GOD is introduce in us, we must acknowledge it as an execute concerning mercy of ALMIGHTY GOD on us et al obligation make efforts so that the seed of devotion can grow into a imposing tree thereby fulfilling the very purpose of human life.