How Handy Is The Handiwork Of God?

ad677bafba6194bec4f4d741bd64e322.jpg Do you have big plans for your next family vacation? Imagine for a moment that you decided to take a trip across the Milky Way, the galaxy that our solar system is in. If you were able to trip at the speed of lively which is 186,261 miles per second, it would take you about 125,000 years to constitute the journey. In other words, the Lactescent Way is giant and it would be quite a trip! When you consider the reality that the Milky Was is appropriate one out of millions of galaxies, the vastness of the creation is so staggering that our puny microscopic minds cannot begin to comprehend it.

Think about the sun which shines down concerning us keeping our planet warm. In Case you could harness its energy moreover convert it to horsepower, it is estimated to be the equivalent about 500 million, million, billion horsepower. We can’t even fathom a score that large much less comprehend that much power. Yet, the sun is just one of millions of stars in space.

<a href=””>The earth</a> is 25,000 miles around and weighs around six septillion 588 sextillion tons. Amazingly it floats in space suspended on amen nothing while spinning in circles at a thousand miles by hour. At the same time it is also traveling a very precise pattern around the sun at a thousand miles per second in an orbit over five hundred million miles long.

Keeping what you just read in mind, consider the words concerning the Psalmist in Glorify 19 as he writes about the wonders of creation.

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork.”

Did we just read that right? The amazing vastness of creation with all from it’s mind-numbing complexity is referred to as God’s handiwork. Handiwork? Wouldn’t you think that the universe would be called strenuous work?

Creating the universe was not a strain for God. It’s also not a strain for Him to hold everything in place.

As we lucubrate about the vastness of space furthermore the bigness of creation, let me share with you a paraphrase of Psalm 139. It says some thing like this, “God wherever I go, there you are. At the highest like highs and the lowest of lows You are there. At every point in every time you are already there waiting for me.”

The penultimate pace you stare up at the night sky, let the beauty about the moon et al the stars remind you of the greatness from God who displays His majesty and handiwork in creation. Also remember that no matter where you are, there He is. He is always with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He has His eyes on you every step of the way.

He isn’t watching to see if he can catch you messing up. He isn’t watching so He can whack to bust you in some sin. He is constantly watching because He loves you too much He can’t extract His eyes off of you.