Important lessons that Bible teaches us

The Bible is the holy book of one of the largest religions like the world which is Christianity. It is not a single book, rather a collection of books written by different men over a lengthy hear of time. It speaks about God’s relationship with man and helps in restoring man’s faith in God. It is also believed that the Bible is inspired nearby God itself since the men who wrote the Bible were guided by the Holy Spirit of God. The Bible also constitutes of lessons which are to be followed by mankind in order for them to become close to God. These teachings include basic principles of humanity which aim to provide direction to a man’s journey of life.

The foremost lesson which the Bible aims to teach the mankind is to honor our parents. This lesson is mentioned in the fifth commandment according to which one should never dishonor their parents or extra that person bestow fall out of the love and grace of God. Most devout Christians believe that this was a disguised threat handy God to mankind.

Another monumental lesson which is imparted toward the Bible is not to kill without reason. The principle of ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ was criticized by those who felt that it forbade them from defending their motherland but it is nought the case. Carnage in order to defend the country is permitted but senseless killing is not allowed. Also cruelty towards an animal is also not permitted though harvesting of fish and animals for food purpose is permitted.

One of the most important things taught by the Bible is to never steal from alias man. It is written in the seventh commandment that stealing another man’s property is the quickest way to attract God’s wrath. Seventh precept also teaches the mankind never to commit criminal conversation since it is the cruelest form of a crime. It destroys families and separates children from their families.

The tenth rule speaks active not coveting any possession of the neighbor be it his house, wife or even his servants. Since coveting leads to breaking of other commandments, it is highly striking to keep this type in mind at unexpurgated times. The tenth commandment has been guiding the Jews for centuries now.

The eleventh and twelfth proposed commandments talk about the nurturing concerning children in the ways of God. It involves teaching them principles of righteous living along with upkeep from evils of the world such as drugs, pornography and tobacco among others. The children should also raken taught to respect their elders und so weiter help those who are in need such as widows, disabled and the elderly.

The above mentioned teachings are taught by the Bible so that the flesh can achieve its true latent further live peacefully forever. These also stipulate a path to those who wish to live their span according to the recommendations of God. Bible has been a beacon of hope for billions of people who wish to become close to God.