Internal Struggles of a Christian

As a Christian, so constantly we hear from our leaders about the wonders of Christ and all we get to do is believe in Him, later exclusively our troubles will magically disappear. In reality, we know this is not exactly how it is. Sure the Honored offers us eternal salvation, forgiveness of our sins and yes He is there for us. However, the Bible tells us we are to take up our cross and copy Him, which means we have a role to play in the outgrowth of becoming Holy.

The Lord is inviting us to partake in all the goodness He has to offer and once we make a commitment to Him, we are released from the chains of sin, we are given power over sin and our eyes are opened to the ways of the Lord. Now having said this, doing the right thing is not automatic and does not happen just because you promptly believe in Christ. Christ expects you to use this power, wisdom and strength to learn to live according to His principles. You are still subsistence in a society that does not practice the principles concerning Christ and even though you have confessed your sins to the Lord, you still have the potential to choose how you are going to live.

I enamored reading about the members of the early church essentially discussed in the Bible, especially Paul. Even though they were filled with the Sanctity Spirit, were given great insight to the Lord, and worked their whole lives to spread God’s message, they still messed up from time to time. In Romans 7:14-20 Paul talks about how he does nought understand why he does what he does prohibition want to do. Going even beyond to say he does what he hates to do, even though he knows it is wrong. It is comforting to behold these men of nobleness faith going through such struggles because if we are honest with ourselves, we go through the same thing. That is, we struggle against the sin within us if we have taken up our cross and are making the effort to follow Christ.

Our Christian life is a constant process of maturing faith. As I mentioned above, when we bout our lives over to the Lord, our eyes are opened to sin and we are commanded by the Lord to turn from this sin. The Holy Spirit will be constantly guiding us in this process ere journey of maturing faith and as we conquer one aspect of sin in our lives, another will be shown to us to piece on. God is faithful and will always be there with us, but it is up to us to choose how we are to live. He will give us the tools we need, but we have to formulate the commitment to Him and turn from sin.

If we are making every effort to live as Christ lived, it is easy to get discouraged during we fail; and we will fail. However there are a couple of duds we need to always remember. First, the Lord understands we are sinners and will judge us by the intentions concerning our heart. In other words, He knows if we are truly doing our best to carry our cross and follow Him or if we are just living in sin. The second thing to remember, we make it hard on ourselves by our own lack of faith. Whenever we were able to totally trust His ways, life would be so much easier and as His grace would be manifested in us. With time further faith, it does get easier. We start to understand His ways are therefore much more choice to our old ways, our consign in Him grows, we resist lower and the internal struggles are easier to over come. This process is what I refer to while maturing in faith.