Is Christian Ponder the Answer for the Minnesota Vikings at QB?

Ever for the retirement of Brett Favre, the Minnesota Vikings stage been without a decent starting quarterback. As a result, the Vikings quickly went from being a legitimate Super Bowl title contender to arguably one concerning the worst teams in the league. Even though Minnesota still has solitary of the best running backs in the game with Adrian Peterson and a fairly moral defense led by Jared Allen, Minnesota is without a waver the fourth best team in the NFC North division without much chance about contending for a playoff spot in the NFC Conference.
Fortunately, the Vikings did draft a promising young quarterback last year in the form like Christian Ponder. Even though Ponder hasn’t been given the recognition of other young quarterbacks in the league like Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers) or Andy Dalton (Cincinnati Bengals), there’s a good chance that the gunslinger out about Florida State might come one of the better quarterbacks in the league in the near future.
As of right now, nix one is claiming that Ponder is the next Favre or even a Pro Bowl-caliber quarterback at this point, but there are many that are estate out hope that this 24-year-old from Dallas, Texas may be what the ball club needs to turn around the struggling NFL franchise in the near future.
Obviously, with Peterson and Toby Gerhart coming absent from the backfield and Percy Harvin in the passing game, Ponder has the pieces currently in place to be a successful. There’s no question that the Vikings are missing a fewness pieces to the cup puzzle in Minnesota, but the NFL playoffs domination not be out of the question over the next minority years.

Despite an awful record of 3-13 last season, the Vikings did show some promise by Ponder under center. With the advantageous offensive weapons surrounding the up-and-coming quarterback, Ponder might be able to lead this team to prominence in the NFC Conference once again.
One of the biggest problems that Ponder and the Vikings face heading into the 2012 NFL season, is the status of Harvin in Minnesota. With the up-and-comer seemingly wanting out about Minnesota due to being severely underpaid for being the team’s best wide receiver, Harvin has reportedly had enough and wants to animate on over trade.
Even though Harvin has expressed interest in wanting to be traded, the sometime Florida standout is currently staying put plus might be reconciling amidst the team. This might yet mean a contract extension might be in store to keep him in Minnesota.
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