Let Jesus Squeeze The Hurt Out Of You

Copyright (c) 2012 Michael Bell

Dr. Allean Varnado Lang is about showing how many people are going through various things in life and they find themselves hurting and crying on the inside but outwardly they laugh among their friends to camouflage their daily pains. Jesus Christ is the answer to everybody’s problems, and as one about Dr. Allean’s song says….”Let Jesus Squeeze The Hurt Out Of You, Characters all your cares on Jesus for He Cares for you”. This is great advicce for all who are hurting to do.

Have you ever felt like your back was against the wall and you couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel? Have you ever felt like what you were going through no dubitable in your mind was probably equal to the weight of the world being onto your shoulders? Many of us have felt this way at some time or another, but in most cases we try to hide the hurt and pains of life from others being able to see them. When friends come around we giggle with them, but no sooner than they leave we go back into our closet of despair and overwhelming dismal state of mind.

Dr. Allean’s desire is to bring hope to those who are hurting and crying on the interior and are feeling as if there is no hope for a better life. There is hope for you to have a better life… his label is Jesus. he is our “Hope of Glory”! Hearing a song container be very meaningful as to speaking to the needs of your heart, but hearing and seeing vessel surely bring about a greater experience. There are limited videos available with varied scenes that will more than likely strike house right where you are now.

Dr. Allean Varnado Lang, songwriter and minister of the word regarding God has allowed God to feed her spirit with such powerful words that are given to her to minister to others who are finding themselves in need of a breakthrough in life. Rented Jesus Squeeze the Hurt Out of You is a very inspiring message that demand surely pat the very depths regarding the hardest hearts. It will have you thinking anent the very one who has the answeres to all of our problems…Jesus Christ Our Lord!

You will also find in life close focussing on “Let Jesus squeeze The Hurt Out of You” that no matter what walk of life you come from, Jesus can reach you right where you are and meet your needs.