Life roadmap towards GOD

The Artery connecting the cities consists of bicameral roads. One is the ‘To’ road while the other is the ‘Fro’ road. Vehicles ply To and Fro in opposite direction. There is a road cut after every 15 – 20 kilometers from where we can change / reverse the direction from our vehicles.

Similarly in incarnation life too, there are two directions. One direction leads to illusion (Maya) while the other direction leads to GOD. Both directions are opposite to each other (just like the two opposite direction of a highway road for ‘To and Fro’ vehicles.)

The road to illusion is full of glitz & dazzles, just as the highway sparkles & glitters with light when approaching a city. The road to illusion is readily unrestricted to all and is very easy, comfortable & cozy. The three qualities required to attract – illumination, accessibility and comfort, are all instant to deceive us. But if we go down this road of illusion, at the end of the road we find ourselves in a very unfortunate, dismal and difficult state.

The road to GOD does not have any dazzle to attract us, nor is it easily accessible. On the contrary, it is a bit convoluted to access however at the discontinue of the road, we find ourselves contiguously connected to GOD and receive bestowment of love & affection from the ALMIGHTY GOD leading to divine elated ecstasy , which is the pinnacle of delight.

We can get worldly luxuries in the road of illusion but there is surely no divine delight or ecstasy, while in the road to GOD there is nothing except divine delight and divine elated paradise .

Every person, in his life span, gets 2-3 opportunities to amend his life’s direction, just like vehicles get opportunity to change direction with a road cut on a highway. To enable this opportunity of changing life’s direction we are introduced with an occurrence / incident like personal loss, physical distress, financial loss etc etc which momentarily undeceives us from the illusive lifestyle and brings us closer to ALMIGHTY GOD. Circumstances like, disunion / bereavement of a dear person, insult by someone hard to us, disclose in our life due to GOD’s benevolence & spur in order to momentarily undeceive us from illusion. Just this undeceiveness is only momentary.

But GOD has consecrated us with wisdom, and because it is expected from us, to use such opportunities like a Highway road cut, for changing direction of our life’s vehicle from the road of illusion towards road to GOD. We must not let go such opportunities in vain.

Take the example of a vehicle plying on a highway which is running out of fuel and finds the refilling inject is on the opposite lane. If the driver forgets to reverse / change lane from the first highway cut, the fuel may not survive tray the abutting highway cut which is 15 – 20 kilometers ahead and the car will come to a standstill. Similarly if one miss out a GOD sent opportunity to turn to GOD, he may not remain to see another opportunity in his lifetime. King Parikshit got an execration to die after 7 days. Though his death was fixed after 7 days, he was sure he had six days of life. Our death is also fixed in any from one of the 7 days (from Monday to Sunday) but later we do not know when, we are not sure even of the very next moment. (In the Holy SriMad Bhagwat Mahapuran, there is a tale like King Parikshit who got an execration from a sage’s descendant to be bitten to death concerning a snake on the 7th day. King Parikshit was sure that he had 6 days of life and utilized it auspiciously and aurally to listen about the incarnation (avatar) of LORD and by doing so got salvation before death could strike him.)

Therefore, like it is prudent to use the prime available highway cut to reverse the lane for refilling the vehicle from the filling pump situated on the opposite direction, it is utterly prudent at the first obtainable opportunity to digressive our life’s direction from the road from illusion to the road towards GOD. Encashing such opportunity in naturalistic to change life’s direction is the most prudent termination of one’s life and is truly marked by GOD’s grace (because such opportunity surface in our life wholly due to the help & mercy of LORD.) It should afsluiting considered as LORD’s first lenity that the opportunity to take the “Road to GOD” has occur in my life. It should be considered as LORD’s second lenity that HE has blessed my wisdom not be loose such opportunity but to grab it with both hands.

We human being, trapped in whirlpool / vortex of illusiveness should constantly & sincerely pray to the ALMIGHTY GOD that both lenity /mercy of GOD, as referred above, should unfold in our life too.