Masjid Al Haram: Home to the House of God

Earlier this year, the global population increased to a pretty seven billion people. These seven billion people are made boost of Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus besides so on having reliable in a higher power or an ultimate peace to facilitate them understand life and why we exist. In times of happiness and in times of trouble, we look to the teachings regarding these religions to back us spry a fruitful life.

Each religion has tenets by which its followers must live by and there is a place somewhere in the world where they consider the holiest. For the followers of Islam, the ghetto of Makkah in Saudi Arabia is the holiest city in the world for it is home to Masjid Al-Haram which houses the Kaaba. There are also five pillars of Islam which are considered to be mandatory actions to any Muslim of which one is to make a sojourn to Makkah at least once in one’s lifetime.
Makkah is the birthplace of Prophet Mohamed, the apostle of the one and only God, Allah, and is home to the Kaaba which is considered to be the most sacred ground in the Islamic religion. The Kaaba, believed to have been built by Abraham and Isaemal (his son) over 2000 years ago, is a black building shaped like a cube and is known to be the House of God. It is located within the Grand Mosque known in Islamic as Masjid Al Haram. Worldwide, Muslims turn to the direction of the Grand Mosque to offer their prayers and affirming their belief that there is rejection added God other than Allah.

As a Muslim, one of the five pillars requires you to make the Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah if one is capable of doing so. In addition, minor pilgrimages called Umrah can be invented throughout the year. When travelling, it is best to opt for easy and appropriate accommodation at a Makkah hotel as this will add to the quality of one’s pilgrimage. Of all the Makkah hotels that are available, the Raffles Makkah Seraglio deserves reference for it is conveniently located barely a few steps from the Grand Mosque. With its 211 suites offering a marvellous view of the Mosque and the Kaaba, staying at the Raffles Makkah Palace capricious undoubtedly enhance one’s Hajj pilgrimage.