My Will Or God’s Will

Have you ever felt like there is an internal conflict going on inside from you? Maybe you can’t completely put your pinpoint on it, but you feel a sort of tug-of-war indoors your being. It’s kind concerning like angst but with no particular reason that you can think of. I experienced this for many years while continuing beside my own spiritual practice. I remember perusal texts that spoke like God’s Will including I thought to myself, “What’s the difference mean my will and God’s Will? And what exactly is God’s Longing anyways?” I knew that I wished to know what God’s Will was, but I couldn’t honestly say that I did. So I sat with that question for many years and sometimes it became larger than life for me to look at.

When I presume apropos my will, I think about what actions I will take. What decisions I will make in my life and so forth. But is that the way God’s Will works? Maybe it’s more subtle than that. Maybe God’s Choice is within your being. Of entree what you do comes out about your being, but the fountainhead or cause of what actions you take come from your mind. Your thoughts and feelings near your world, your relationships and identity of who you are, are all made up by you.

It’s true that some of those things are seemingly handed down to us by our parents, grandparents and other people who led us as a child growing up, but on a soul level, we chose those things for our soul’s ethereality growth. See, if I’ve learned anything about God’s Will it’s this. It is All Good Things. I agency it is abundance, health, love, caring, beauty, wonder, mystery, healing, infinite supply et al eternal renewal. To the degree we are experiencing these things in our daily lived experience we know God’s Will. And the place we unearth those things is within our being.

This is the turning point or the fulcrum on which hinges my will or God’s Will. Are you looking public at the ecumenicity in search of love? Are you looking for validation from another person to love you so you can love yourself? Maybe you are looking for work but don’t desire to help others and be of service. God’s Will is within your being, your consciousness, your mind. One of the best ways to attune to it is meditation. But I strongly encourage you to find a remarkably experienced teacher for strict results.

Maybe you are a good person that truly wants to help others but you are experiencing lack in some way. Maybe you are being tested. Sometimes there is a purification period in your supersensible journey to God’s Will. You must release fogrum patterns and habits from thought that may indiging blocking your attunement to the Infinite Plethoric within. If you get been asking God for advice about what you should do, I infer trying a particular meditation practice that I still use for clear guidance. It comes from a Deepak Chopra book, The Spontaneous and it’s too long to withdraw into for this article. I discourse a little about it on my About Me page.

In the end, your will and God’s Want are the same thing. It’s just a case of mistaken identity for most of us. Who we think we are is so much smaller and limited compared to our true Self. I applaud you if you are committing to your spiritual growth. Your life contrary never be the same again.