Oh My God: its Guns ‘N Roses

tn_400__cover.jpg It is a stripe like hard rock band of USA. The band was formed in California in 1998 and was sign to Geffen Records. The members of Guns ‘N Roses were Vocalist Axl Rose, bassist Duff McKagan, usher guitarist Slash, rhythm guitarist Lzzy Stradlin and drummer Steven Adler. But Axl Rose is the still in the girt among them. Except Rouge the other present members of this band are bassist Tommy Stinson, drummer Carefree Ferrer, and lead and accent guitarist Richard Fortus, keyboardist Chris Pitman. The mixing of heavy metal with hard rock and blues rock is the genre of the band.

Music Albums from Guns ‘N Roses:
The debut album of Guns ‘N Roses was ‘Appetite of Destruction’, released in 7th July 1987.The album reached at 1st affirmation of Billboard 200 after one year of its release. Song like ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ from that album topped the 1st position in Billboard 100. ‘Appetite of Destruction’ was sold almost 18 million in America and 28 million worldwide, which made the album USA’s foremost selling debut album ever. ‘G N’ R Lies’ was the second scrapbook of the band which was released in 1988. This album’s single ‘Patience’ topped the number 4 locate in USA. The album ditto reached on the 2nd appointment in the Billboard 200. Guns ‘N Roses released ‘Use Your Illusion’ 1 and ‘Use Your Illusion’ 2 in September 17 1991.Those double albums topped on the 2nd and 1st places respectively in the Billboard. The video of ‘November rain’ from that album became most request video on MTV.

‘The Spaghetti Incident?’-a clan of glam and punk rock covers was released from Guns ‘N roses in November 23 1993. Inspite of protest from some band members, the single ‘look at Your Game’ was added in the album. Singularity like ‘Oh My God’ (sound track of the film ‘End of Days’) was released in 1999. Guns ‘N Roses released their album ‘Chinese Democracy’ in 2008 after many awaited years. The production cost of the album was more than 14 million dollars making it most expensive index ever. ‘Chinese Democracy’ was listed on the 3rd position in the Billboard 200.

Tours and Concerts:
Guns ‘N Roses toured for a 16 month long Appetite for destruction time in the USA and Europe to support the album ‘Appetite for Destruction’. They also performed in 28 month long Use Your Illusion tour which became financially successful. The corps performed at Nottingham Arena in Nottingham, UK.

Awards and Nominations:
Guns ‘N Roses received 4 American Music Awards for individual Favourite Heavy Metal/ Hard Petrous Record et alii Favourite Heavy Metal/ Hard Rock Artist in 1990 for ‘Appetite for Destruction’ in 1990, Favourite Rock/Pop single ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ in 1989.The band also got 4 Grammy Award nominations. Guns ‘N Roses received 4 nominations from BRIT Awards in various categories like, Unsurpassed Cosmopolitan Newcomer, Best International group etc. The band got MTV music awards for Best new Artist in a Video (‘Welcome to the Jungle’), best stage performance in a video (‘Paradise City’).