Old City God’s Temple – An Ancient Temple in Modern Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the most populous and largest cities not only in China but also in the world as well. Located on the Yangtze River delta it is a global city which influences the global business arena. The French concession in the city will take you to another world with its French architecture. The city is well known for its fashion industry as well. The Shanghai International Fashion Hebdomad is a global event where Asian designers showcase their talent to the world. The city is both modern further vintage, both Western as well as oriental. This destination seems to verbreken the perfect blend of all cultures. Most Chinese people mob to the city to fulfil their dreams. University graduates may come in search of the perfect career, farmers from rural China may come in search of better pay, whatever the noesis Shanghai seems to enjoy the power to draw people to itself.

Old Municipality God’s Temple in Shanghai is located within the old city walls. This temple was built centuries ago and gained vogue during the Qing dynasty and is dedicated to the spirit of Jinshan. Today Old City God’s Temple refers not only to the temple itself but also to the surrounding commercial area. The area has grown today and is bustling with shops and traders. Some visit the temple in order to indulge in some regarding the mouthwatering delicacies found in the vicinity. You will be able to find some fine jewellery and boutiques while visiting the Old City God’s Temple.

People of Shanghai have a soft spot for pork. You will find a myriad of dishes based on pork. Thalassic food ditto is a local speciality. You can fathom steamed, fried, or braised sea food in almost any restaurant. Apart from traditional Chinese dishes most of the hotels have a restaurant which offers international cuisine ut supra well.

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