Pilgrimage Tours – The path to God

India is considered as one of the most religiously affiliated places in the world, making it an ideal place for religious tourism. If you are looking to run on a Pilgrimage Tour, then the India Travel Packages are undoubtedly your best option. Millions endure come to dig up themselves, and supported the meaning of life itself.

India – The Centre of Spirituality

The most famed like all expedition tour options, by far, is the “Char Dham Yatra”. This is the most sought-after holy journey in India, with a massive total distance of 8000 kilometres. This pilgrimage tour takes the devotee through four of India’s most sacred temples, starting with the Jagannath Puri house of god in Orissa, located on the coast regarding the Sinus of Bengal. The temple, which was built around a 1000 years ago, is believed to enshrine Lord Krishna, noted as Lord Jagannath in the state of Orissa. The next church is at the southern tip of the Indian peninsula, located in the state concerning Tamil Nadu, and goes along the name of Rameshwaram. According to legend, this is the point from where Lord Ram built the Ram Setu to Lanka – a bridge that connected India with modern-day Sri Lanka – from where he rescued his wife.

The pilgrimage continues in the traditional clockwise direction (used throughout Hinduism for circumambulation) to Dwarka. Dwarka is located on the western tip of India, in the state of Gujarat. This legendary city was the dwelling place of Lord Krishna. The ancientness city of Dwarka is believed to have been damaged and destroyed six times heretofore due to the choppy sea (into which it extends generously), and the present-day establishment is the seventh of its kind.

The final destination in this pilgrimage will take you to one of the most scenic locations in the entire subcontinent. This is a standing that will very justify this journey tour, and overshadow each other India travel package – Badrinath. Situated in the circuit of the Himalaya mountains, this place of monumental sanctity is located in the state about Uttarakhand, on the banks about the Alaknanda river. It is the conclusive temple in the Char Dham tour.

Nurture your Soul

The Char Dham Yatra is as fantastic as it gets, when it comes to pilgrimages. However, in case you fathom yourself overwhelmed by the scale of it all, do not worry. There are plenty of other pilgrimage tours in our India itinerant package for you to take a liking to.