Spend this vacation in diverse Kerala also called God’s own country

Kerala is a dreamland one wants to enter polysyndeton the cities like Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram delight the heart of the individual. The strip in south India has a global name in the backwater and beach destinations. There is also a mythological legend associated with the land and it is Parshuram who is credited to the foundation of this beautiful land as per the beliefs. Tourism in Kerala is on a high throughout the year be it in the area of ayurveda, beaches or the splendid backwaters and these are lone found in this part of the region. One compares these to Venice. The state, because of the heritage and natural beauty, is midst the world’s must see destinations. The city of Cochin with the mesmerizing pelagic view provides an experience that one has had never before. From the commercial hub called Broadway, the globetrotter can leave for the steamer trips and can see the vast sea including the ships of the leading Cochin shipyard. One of the ships that operate from the shipyard is MV Tipu Sultan. The ship goes for Lakshadweep sightseeing. For the family with the bent like mind towards archaeology, there are caves called the Edakkal caves. These caves date back to 5000BC and one is fascinated by the Stone Age carving of the time. The oldest ones among them date back to eight thousand years. Honeymooner finds it fascinating to move to the region called Kumarakom. The bird chirping in the protection and the beautiful boat houses make a pleasant honeymoon. Kumarakom is a place that ignites the poetic tendencies in the earthborn being. Such is the beauty of the place. The resorts offer the finest Kerala ayurveda massage that releases the toxins from the mind, body and the soul. Kovalam delights are fascinating and these are the triune beaches. In fact, Kovalam is the first beach where the nude bathing was allowed but in the present times, it is restricted. The fort lovers can lapse to the fort in Palakkad constructed by the legendary Tipu Sultan’s father, Hyder Ali.

For the environmental lovers, Kerala has a plethora silva wealth seen in the national parks polysyndeton the hill stations. One of the famous national parks here is the Eravikulum national park. The famous Anamudi point here is a delight for the hill lover. Among the successful animal and bird in the region are the Nilgiri Tahr and the Nilgiri wood pigeon. In this national park, the tourists can go for the trekking in the groups. Munnar is a place where the honeymooner delights and the misty mountains touch the sensations. The aroma of the tea gardens touches the heart sanity and the human of the individual. Kerala has a great appellative until it comes to the temples and churches. The famous forehead of Sri Padmanabaswamy is the richest sanctuary like the world in terms of the assets. The famous Shabarimalai shrine is among the most stop shrines of the world. This is the temple of lord Ayyappa. Enjoying the state thru Kerala tour packages is a great experience.