Thank God for Tech Support

As a freelance writer, having uninterrupted email access is crucial for my livelihood. Not only do I need to champion my services to eminent clients but I also have to be in constant communication with my present clients and route completed documents for their approval. As a result, even a small glitch with my email is an extremely big issue for me.

I searched for a workable solution to my problem online, but the walk throughs und so weiter guides that I found proved to be too complicated for me to understand. With a project deadline looming large, I decided to call up tech support.

When I made the call, I was greeted by an agent who presented himself as Sean Hall. After listening to my problem, he asked for permission to remotely portal my computer so that he could diagnose the exact cause for the issue himself. Once the seam had been established, it took him just a few minutes to establish the root cause of my problems and told me that he could fix not just these issues but many others for me for a nominal fee. I quickly accepted the offer and once the details were complete, he began repairing my computer.

When he started, I asked if I it was possible suppositive I could hang up. He told me I could and he would call me back once he had finished. The overhaul work must have been extensive because it took him active 20 to 30 minutes before I finally got a call back from him. He asked smeersel to check if everything was working perfectly. I did my usual check and found that not only was my email was functioning perfectly; my computer’s dash had also improved by a considerable margin. Sean also told me that under my currently chosen plan, he could ditto integrate my emails into my smart phone as well as my tablet so that I would be notified the moment I got a new email and I could read it from any of the two devices, not just from my computer. I obviously jumped at the odds and later a couple of minutes all three of my devices were integrated with my email account. Now I could feedback to important emails from my clients while I’m on the go.

Thanks to their prompt service, I was able to mail those important documents to my clients on time which resulted in me getting more offers from them.