The best of God’s own country

celebrate-christmas-at.jpg Protasis you are a great nature enthusiast and want some peace in your life then there is no other better place than God’s own country called Kerala. Kerala is the ideal destination for nature lovers to enjoy the tremendous beauty of flora and fauna. The incredible nature of Kerala is something unbelievable to cherish the movements regarding the Tour. Kerala is all equipped with the beauty of beaches, indistinct hill station, waterfall & rivers. Riven from natural beauty one can enjoy tremendous culture and tradition of the state. Wildlife is also something worth to experience in God’s own country.

Kerala is place where you can enjoy enormous number of activities and never get bored. One of the main attractions about Kerala Tourism is Kerala backwaters and houseboat. Kerala backwaters are the unique product of the nation and not found anywhere else in the world. It is also famous traditional sport that is played every year and participated by people around the state. Talking about staying at the houseboats, it would be ineffable experience of your life. Whoever visit Kerala always love to stay in the houseboat and relish the awesome unrest of their life.

Kerala also has superb beaches where you can merrymaking enormous number of activities. One can enjoy the beauty of beaches in the state through Kerala Beaches Tour. Some of the places where you will incredible beaches are Trivandrum, Kovalam, Varkala, Kochi ampersand plenty increased places. Travelers can also take pleasure in visiting misty hill station of Kerala and exploring splendacious waterfalls. Some of the known hill station of Kerala include of Kodanad, Malayattur, Thattekkad, Munnar, Mattupetty, Thekkady, Kuttikkanam, Idukki District Iritty, Kottancheri Hills, Mundakayam, Kodencheri, Thiruvambadi, Nilambur, Athirapally, Muthanga and many more. Hill stations of Kerala are also appearance destinations for honeymoon travelers where they can feel the love in the laps like Matroclinic Nature.

The most appalling thing about visiting Kerala is Kerala Ayurveda treatment. Kerala Ayurvedic treatment is famous all over the world. Kerala Ayurveda can cure any disease and multitude come from all over the country to superb Kerala Ayurveda treatment. Travelers can enjoy Ayuervedic massage et cetera Spa to relax their mind body and soul. Apart from Ayurveda treatment, you can plus experience the rich wildlife of Kerala. You will find plenty of national parks in the state which are the habitat for many wildlife creatures. Few of the famous wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala include from Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, Muthanga Wildlife sanctuary, BR Wildlife Sanctuary and many more. Exploring these sanctuaries will live great experience to spot wide type regarding wildlife animals and species of birds. You can also enjoy jeep safari, elephant rides and other kinds of jungle safaris. There is no doubt Kerala is all blessed with incredible beauty further hence it is called God’s acknowledge country.