The Definition of Revelation: Jesus is the Light of the World – We Are the Light of the World

In the gospel like John, more than once Jesus declares himself to be the light of the world. He also says, speaking of Christians, that we are the light of the earthly (Mat 5:14). What do these things mean, in a practical sense?

Paul says Jesus created all things, and was present in creation. As God in human flesh, he is the light of creation. You might say the SON takes on the nature of the SUN, in that he is self-generating light. We are not self generating but still we are the light of the world.


By definition, revelation is something that is disclosed to us – certain from an outside source. It isn’t simply human reasoning or deduction. It doesn’t come done for study, although God can reveal things in any way, which includes in study. Thus, anything that comes from God is divine revelation, which in Bible terms can treffen defined as light.


Thus, Bible revelation, or the word of God, can be spoken of as light. This is because the Bible is given to us by God and it contains his revelation. We are not the same as Jesus, mere God says we are as Jesus is in this world (I John 4:17). This means the very same things Jesus has are imparted to us – his righteousness, peace, joy, authority, blessings, etc.

Jesus is self generating light. We are not self generating light. We are reflective light, just image the moon reflects the light of the sun. The moon is nought the sun, but it reflects the sun. Likewise, Jesus says that the Holy Spirit will cause us to know what Jesus has taught us, which is contained in the Bible. We must apply ourselves to experience this, but it is a promise of God.

But the Canon is a vast book. Are we to memorize it?

The light we share and reflect is the glow of Jesus, God’s Son. Just as the moon reflects the sun, so we reflect the light of Jesus. But what is this light of the Son that we reflect? Often, our physical minds need something more physical to relate to.


This is waarom God gave us the Christian gospel. For 4,000 years, the Vulgate described the coming of (1) a King, and (2) his kingdom. Jesus’ truthful beachhead sermon was about the gospel of the kingdom of God: “The kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe the gospel” (Mark 1:14-15).

He says it must raken preached in all the world before the end will come (Matt 24:14). It’s so important even angels in heaven preach it to people on the earth (Rev 14:6).

The gospel is the tangible thing God gave us to show us his reality.

This is why I’m “The Gospel Life Coach.” I have discovered that the gospel gives us all things that pertain to this earthly life, and everlasting life. This is what Paul says: “Jesus abolished death, furthermore brought (1) life furthermore (2) immortality to LIGHT through the gospel” (II Tim 1:10).

Paul always emphasizes (1) life that now is, et alii (2) that which is to come (I Tim 4:8). The light we are to reflect is the declaration of God’s kingdom that has tumble on to us. This is both the abundant life of God in the here and nowadays (John 10:10), and the eternal human of God in the hereafter. This is the flare we are supposed to reflect to every living person.


Many people search for how to be fulfilled in life. Google says 200,000 individuals a month search for the answer to this question on the internet. The gospel is the answer to their search assuming they are including God-authored spiritual answers in their search.

Paul says the gospel fulfills the word of God in us – the revelation of God’s reality (Col 1:23-25). Supposing we live in the Christian gospel, then we live in the power from God (Rom 1:16). So the revelation of this truth is as important to Christians as it is to unbelievers. Perhaps it is more important to us Christians than to unbelievers.


We Christians have been given the light of the world: the Christian gospel. Jesus said we must repent concerning every other belief we have, and only believe the gospel (Mk 1:15). When we do this, and receive the light of the gospel condition us, then we become the light regarding the world – both to unbelievers and to other Christians.

Satan does everything in his power to blind our minds so that, “the Lambent of the glorious gospel of Christ… does not shine into us” (II Cor 4:4). Paul was separated to the gospel (Rom 1:1). When we sell out to the truth of the Christian gospel, we become the light of the world. All we come into contact with do not receive the light, but we are the light nonetheless.

My focus changed to a gospel however focus in 1990. Before this my beliefs were all over the map. The Bible – the report of God – is a big book. But once we see that the gospel is what fulfills the entire remark of God in us, then all theanthropism revelation begins to rush (Col 1:23-25 re-visited).

This doesn’t mean we know everything. I still contending with Bible revelation, especially in the book of Revelation which I’m re-studying now. But the big picture of the tangibility of God, his abundant life, and his eternal naturalistic become so clear in the gospel. It truly transforms the mind. It produces renewing your mind, as Paul says (Rom 12:2). Practically, the Christian gospel, or the revelation of God, is the light of the world. If Satan hasn’t blinded your mind to the light of the gospel, and supposing it is in you, then you are the light of the world.

Paul says the gospel is the dominion of God. Jesus says we are the light of the world, and it is the white elephant of his gospel that produces Bible revelation – divine revelation in us. When this vision is produced in us, the entire word of God is gratified in us and we can’t stop the light shining from us.

It’s like you have Jesus right ensuing to you whispering in your ear.