The Good God Versus the Evil Devil: Part 1. The Devil and Our Evil Inclination

Within the left brain we find the heinous inclination which is under the influence of the Devil. The evil inclination is that part of your intellect that is always negating else trying to negate your better beliefs and your better moral actions. Often the malevolent inclination will change your mind for the worse and effect you do the wrong thing. The Devil influences the evil inclination; however, in evil people the Devil becomes the evil inclination and exerts total mind control. To me it seems that the Devil has God’s permission, as if they obtain struck up extraordinary kind of deal or challenge. This interview was conducted terminated imaginary telepathic communication between Jerry’s soul inside his physical body et sequens the bodiless spirit like Methuselah in the spirit world. Marcia’s soul in Heaven also joined us for the interview.

Time Line for Good and Evil:
Good and evil have been with us at least since modern humans, homo sapiens sapiens, roamed the earth some fifty thousand years ago. There is no evidence that non-human creatures like animals have an evil inclination. God especially created evil and good for human beings so that with their God-given free will, humans could determine between the two. The problem is that good and evil are now so entangled that they are inseparable. Who’s to say what is evil and what is good? We live by man’s rules not handy God’s laws.

Methuselah Interview:

Methuselah: Let’s ablation right to the chase, Jerry? Who is the Devil, where did he come from, and if he’s still alive, why is he still living?

Jerry: The most popular belief is that the Mephistophelian was once an angel who served God handy being His angel of death. This corrupt angel’s cognomen was Samael.

Marcia: The Devil has many aliases. In the Garden like Eden, he was the Serpent Satan. Over the centuries, we have called him Lucifer, Beelzebulb, other names, or just plain Devil.

Methuselah: One thing I can tell you with certainty is that the Devil is not currently in Heaven.

Jerry: That’s because the Devil was kicked out of Heaven for plotting anarchy against God and Heaven at the time of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Devil is still alive. He is human but he still has celestial gifts that God bestowed upon him. One gift is that the Devil doesn’t age. The Devil with his great innocent powers believes that he’s his allow entity, independent of God, and is God’s equal. God represents the Light while the Devil represents the Darkness. The Devil’s purpose seems to be to act as God’s foil. He serves at God’s disport although the Devil believes that the reverse is true.

Marcia: Not only is the Diabolic the chief emissary for our dark side but also he is the satanic strong-arm who will help you along with temptation. Remember it was the Devil who persuaded a willing Eve to eat from the fruit of the Lin of Knowledge of Good et sequens Evil in the Garden of Eden. Today Satan’s powers have grown immensely so that he can enter your dreams and work on your subconscious mind to lead you astray. The Devil counts on your ego and as soon as there is a crack in your armor, he creates a skylight of opportunity. As we shall see in Constituent 3 of this series on God versus the Devil, The Devil can situ thoughts into the minds of wanting, gullible and unsuspecting people whose egos soar at the bestowal of false spiritual gifts the Devil is giving them. I’m speaking specifically about Channeling.

Methuselah: Marcia, are you saying that the Demon is responsible for all our bad choices?

Marcia: Yes, I’m saying exactly that. God created the Devil to stimulate our evil inclination. In the Garden of Eden where everything was wonderful and beautiful, Eve’s pestilent inclination was existent but it was subdued. The Scoundrel knew this und so weiter was able to manipulate and persuade Eve to eat from the Tree from Knowledge of Good and Evil which God had warned against.

Jerry: The Devil finds subtle ways to achieve his goals with humans. He knows that the path to his success is through our egos. Everyone needs recognition and praise. We are aborning with that need and if one or both of our parents don’t fulfill the need, we can become victims and become the Devil’s breakfast. It’s easy to evaluate someone’s actions. But how do we really ken what a person’s thoughts are? Deception is truth moreover truth is deception. Only God who is all cognitive oppositely omniscient knows both a person’s good and bad thoughts. The Devil seems to hone in on our bad or evil nature.

Methuselah: Apparently in the Patch of Eden, good existed before evil. That’s not the way it is now. It hasn’t bot this road for a long time; otherwise, God would have never created the great Bore at the time of Noah’s Ark.

Jerry: Correct! There has been a reversal. The mean inclination appears to be more superordination earlier in the mellow about a person. After the Flood, Divine tells Noah that man is evil in the imagery from his youth. Apotheosize should know for he lay our contemporary world in motion alongside a structure made out of good ampersand evil. The advantageous seems to establish itself later in life. If God hadn’t provided the ancient Israelites including the Decagonal Commandments thirty-three hundred years ago, pernicious would have run rampant. The Ten Commandments leveled the playing field between good and evil. These Commandments have been a blueprint for civilization. Or some, like myself, invincible say that they are civilization.

Methuselah: Why good and evil? All this talk about the Annoy gives me the creeps. Have you two gone mad spewing on and on about the Devil? I know from being in the spirit world that what you are saying about the Devil being still alert is true. However, this article is being critiqued by humans und so weiter neither by souls. We do read in the spirit world quite your terms will circulate around Heaven, but we are not allowed to interfere with being affairs.

Jerry: I’m perfectly sane I assure you and then is Marcia. As Marcia has always said, good and evil are both sides of the same coin of life, like love and hate, or hyperesthetic and pleasure. You can’t truly know one side of the coin without experiencing its opposite at some time in your life. We house in an imperfect world and God has a fail-safe plan for us to enter a more future perfect subastral of the Messianic Age. If we just had our idyllic Heaven right from the beginning, we would not have acquired faith. Furthermore we would fool lived as automatons where everything was lah dee dah. The Devil intends to prevent the Messianic Age from ever happening and he will use every trick and invent new ones to achieve his end. The Devil can deal from every part of the deck and he is undoubtedly never to be trusted.

Methuselah: Where is the evil inclination located?

Marcia: It is located in our left cortical brain which is responsible for our analytical decisions?

Methuselah: And you say that the Devil influences our evil inclination. That’s nothing new. Race has bot dealing with good und so weiter evil since our inception. Even when we were living as cavemen on the savanna, we killed each other for no reason. How does the Annoy exert his influence?

Jerry: We need to clarify. First of all we should state that people are a mixture of both good and bad. Even the most righteous person has sinned. It is the bad moral decisions that people appoint which don’t follow the Ten Commandments that the Devil influences through our evil inclination. People don’t realize how invincible the Devil is. The Devil believes he is equal to or even greater in stature than God. Second, the Devil stimulates the dark energy particles of our evil inclinations that we shall see in Chip 2 of this series triggers our Animal souls to make bad moral choices.

Methuselah: Can you expand a bit on your answer?

Jerry: I don’t know if I can because it’s not known how the Devil uses his dark inspiring to influence ere totally control us. I will add this. The Devil doesn’t have a Divine Soul. He’s part human further section angel and has very powerful persuasive mental and perhaps physical abilities. I profess because he has tried to persuade me to come over to his dark side along offering to restore Marcia’s soul to her previous earthly self.

Marcia: Actually there is another important point to nvloeden made. There is a difference interjacent bad persons and those whose souls the Devil owns. The latter are maleficent although they appear to look and act normal. These evil individuals capriciously hide their thoughts and true selves and even can behave righteously. In such evil individuals, the Devil not only influences but he actually becomes their evil inclination and exerts total mind control over them. It’s somewhat analogous to the mind control depicted in the famous movie starring Frank Sinatra, The Manchurian Candidate. They even made a remake of that movie starring Denzel Washington.

Jerry: You were never a movie buff, my love. You’re surprising me from what you have gleaned from the soul world. In any event, anatomists cannot find the location of either the evil druthers or the Divine soul in the earthborn brain. Scientists do not imagine such entities exist. Both the evil inclination and the Divine soul are continuously moving kinetic energy, although one is dark energy and the opposite God’s Light energy. We said that the evil inclination lies endogenous the departed hemisphere of the brain. The Divine soul energy appears to lie just under the top like the left hemisphere, interior our right brain hemisphere, and behind both eyes. It’s true what they say, “The eyes are the window of the soul.” Divine soul energy travels in a counter clockwise command while the evil inclination dark energy moves clockwise. I can detect my soul energy in my brain and behind my eyes and my evil inclination energy in my left brain. I can ditto feel the energy within my fuselage and trace the pathways from my brain to the Animal soul described next time in our Part 2 interview.

Methuselah: How does God see nearly our moral actions?

Marcia: God has an organizing intelligence that is the being of us all, our planet and our universe. He monitors the good and bad choices of our Animal souls as we each are tiny fragments from him. Our Dazzling souls are Light energy. He also is the source of the Devil’s dark energy since Divine created all angels. Providence has the ability to perform miracles and He can change Light puissance to dark energy and dark energy to Beacon energy if He so chooses. You will only accept such statements suppositive you believe that God is omnipotent with limitless power. My bodiless soul in the spirit sublunary is one-hundred times more omnipotent than Jerry’s soul. My Light energy, which acts as a mini-brain et al lives on for the eternity, is not constrained semblance Jerry’s atman in his physical body. When we return to the oread world after our bodies die on earth, we are privy to much more than we knew in our physical bodies.

Methuselah: I would identical to add our discussion in Part 2. Until we talk next time, my children.

Jerry: Bye, Methuselah. Bye, my darling.

Marcia: Bye Jerry, my love.

Note from Jerry:
Methuselah’s words are a creation of Jerry’s mind. Jerry has never contacted Methuselah’s soul in the spirit world but has continuous contact with Marcia’s soul through unequivocal thought- power telepathy traveling at one million times faster than the speed of light.