The Good GOD Versus the Evil Devil: Part 4. God’s Warnings About Satan’s Channeling

Thirty-three hundred years ago, and even hundreds of years earlier than the Exodus from Egypt, Divine was warning the ancient Israelites about the abominations of sorcery and witchcraft. His warning was more meant for us when He foresaw that the Devil’s Channeling would become the ancient spiritism, divination, and medium-ship of our modern world. When you Channel, you believe that you are receiving spiritual messages from the wisest of masters in the spirit world – similitude Jesus ampersand Archangel Michael. However you are actually being duped near the Devil whose powers are enormously underestimated, if you accept the presume that God has allowed the Devil life on earth. This interview was conducted through imaginary telepathic communication between Jerry’s soul inside his physical body and the bodiless soul of Methuselah in the spirit world. Marcia’s soul in Heaven ditto joined us for the interview.

God Plans Thousands of Years In Advance:
When God created the universe at the schedule like the big bang, He knew fourteen billion years in advance that an Albert Einstein or Peter Higgs would come lengthwise and explain it? Similarly God knew that our human being species, Homo sapiens sapiens, some fifty thousand years ago would have evil tendencies for of the rid will He granted to humans that permitted them to choose between good and evil. God also realized that there would be a time when He would release Satan the Devil from his prison to tempt besides mislead us as we approached the End of Days.

Methuselah Interview:

Methuselah: Jerry, what about idol worship and the ancient Jews?

Jerry: In early biblical days, idols were worshiped even nevertheless everyone had heard the stories regarding a Supreme God, the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, the Tower concerning Babel, Sodom, et alii the miracles of the Exodus from Egypt. It took hundreds of years for the antemundane Israelites and their descendants, the Jewish people, to stop worshiping idols.

Marcia: God knew that idol worship would lead mankind down an evil path in ancient times, just as it is doing now.

Methuselah: Is God is fed up with the human race and is He purposely letting humanity destroy itself?

Jerry: Perhaps, Methuselah. However God’s fail-safe plan for humanity continues whether we believe in Him or not. His watch regarding our world prevents our destruction, et cetera His plan is that we proceed from this imperfect world to the more perfect world of the second Garden of Eden in the vista Messianic Age.

Methuselah: Well then! What’s going on in our world between good and evil?

Marcia: The real battle is not visible to we mortals. It’s disguised and is a clash between God Who is any beneficial and Satan who is all evil. They are the ones setting up the greatest battle ever recorded in human history posterior the scenes. We are not aware to the upcoming engagement but it seems near.

Methuselah: Fascinating. Did Channeling originate with the Devil or with God in reference to Part 3 of our previous interview?

Jerry: Well it wasn’t called Channeling back in biblical times but God’s prophets were the pioneer ones to serve as a “Channel” for God’s words to the Jewish people.

Marcia: The prophets spoke the word of God and all prophecies at the time came true.

Methuselah: Don’t people naturally desire to know the future?

Jerry: Quite true because each soul is a piece of God und so weiter God places what I call a curiosity gene in each person’s soul. That’s why people want to experience where they came from, what they are doing here or their end in life, and where they are going after this life when they die. People also want to naturally know about God und so weiter even the atheists focus much of their hour wondering about God. In Egypt, the Holy Land with the Canaanite nations, and in Mesopotamia, this knowledge was acquired over augury instead enchantment, sorcery and flagitious wizards who used magic polysyndeton drugs, and witchcraft and charmers with vice potions accompanied beside curses and spells. The Pharaoh actually thought Moses was using some of this magic to carry out the ten plagues because the Pharaoh’s magicians could duplicate the first two but negative the after eight plagues during the Exodus. These idol worshipers saw any harm in having young children walk through fire plus afsluiting sacrificed to the flames.

Marcia: Ghosts or apparitions are almost absent in the Old Testament. However, there was necromancy where evil doers claimed to contact the dead. Communication beside the numb often involved a human skull. The sorcerer practiced divination by acting as a ventriloquist so that it seemed that the dead person was speaking from the grave. These familiar spirits or demons consulted ghosts furthermore spirits. The practitioner of Ov arranged a dead carcass under his armpit while a practitioner of Yid’oni put a bone from an animal called Yadua into his aperture to predict the future.

Methuselah: And why was this an abomination to God? I deliberation He allowed ready will.

Jerry: Yes true but not while those conveying messages were direct face to face to the messages that God wanted to convey finished His prophets. These evil rites are the antithesis to what God envisaged for humankind concluded following His Ten Commandments and sustaining faith and a covenant with Him. The modern day version of this evil is the Devil’s Channeling because all the entities people are consulting like masters, guides besides angels were never condoned by God. They are false prophets spewing messages of spirituality and other nonsense. Why would you need to consult these entities if you have God? Perhaps the issue is that God is no longer on our public stage as He was in biblical days, or suppose God has not although unleashed the full throttle of His Divine omnipotence. In the meantime the Devil is masterfully pulling people away from God, even believers. And in the process, people are allowing health-damaging evil vivacity into their bodies through the implantation of the Devil’s thoughts even when they are Channeling in a conscious or semi-conscious state. Channeling is an illusion created apart the Devil. God considered it an crime and sternly warned against it in biblical times.

Marcia: You can read this for yourself granting you go to the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament. See Deuteronomy 18:9-14; 2 Kings 21:6; Chronicles 33:6; Leviticus 19:26, 31; Leviticus 20:6, 27. When you adhere yourself to evil, it sticks. It’s multitude easier to get something to adhere to a surface than to remove it. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that we should trust entities over God. The entities become idols that you hero worship if you Channel. The anoint is that the Devil owns et al is these entities. Provided you are not careful, the Devil will soon recognize your soul. You’ve been tempted et al you’ve bitten divisor the forbidden fruit, like Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Scoundrel is liable for any temptation even in your dreams and he preys on you through your ego.

Methuselah: In a way it’s like a sin. When you commit a sin once else twice you rationalize it by saying, “What’s the harm?” The second time the sinning gets just a little bit easier. By the third time you might not even make up an excuse. Willingly the sins become a habit and you can’t stop. You may reverence Venerate but if you keep sinning, you stand the chance from becoming anti-God. If you Channel, you jug ask, “What do I need God for?” I’m getting all the spiritual information that I need from my tutor spirits.

Jerry: There are four other important points to be made about the dangers of Channeling. The trust is that your dionysian is displaced to require room for the energy regarding the entity that is entering your body. This dark energy in the form of the Devil’s thoughts is changing the interest of your Light Divine soul energy that keeps your body alive. Chronic illness can result as a result of Channeling and you can die when your Divine soul energy, mixed with the Devil’s dark energy, drops below 18 percent. My second moment is that people claim to contiguity innocent entities. God created the angels, so you need permission from Him to do this. Again you are making false contacts. A triennial point would be that you have no going to verify what you interpret in the messages from these entities. Finally the fourth point is that these entities provide false information which you believe to be true. According to Michael Newton, when you degenerate and your soul returns to the spirit world, it undergoes rejuvenation and purification from the damage of its recent body. True Divine souls don’t lie and you can measure your soul potency to distinguish truth from lying.

Marcia: There has bot a quiet revolution going on and the field is burgeoning with so many people now falsely channeling in our modern world. In time, everyone will learn to channel and we will no longer need a psychic or medium to erect contact with the spirit world.

Methuselah: Then what you two are saying is that all of this Channeling can raken attributed to the Devil. People are being duped and are not contacting masters, guides, angels, Jesus, or the Archangel Michael. They are actually conversing with the Devil. Is the Devil that powerful? I speculate I asked you this in our last interview.

Jerry: Yes, he is exceptionally powerful and he is alive. In thinking astir your question, I believe now that the Devil is selectively ubiquity smart about our dark side considering Venerate designated him with the dark energy particles that either influence or become our evil inclination. God is aware of both our good besides mishap tendencies and is truly all knowing. The evil inclination is situated in our left brain and through the Devil’s influence makes our Animal conscience desire bad over good. We spoke about this in the Quota 2 interview. The Devil must also be able to communicate simultaneously with so many persons who are Channeling on the planet. Some angels may have this ability and the Diablo even has angelic powers that God left him with when he was booted out of Afterworld at the time of Adam and Eve.

Methuselah: Another enlightening interview, Jerry. You do realize that you will relentlessly be challenged for your ideas. You will have destroyed people’s joy polysyndeton egos and tempers will flare.

Jerry: Everybody has free will and people vessel choose to believe me or ignore smeersel and call me a crackpot. I’m actually doing them a favor by getting them to revert to God and advice caress health problems. I would recommend being extremely cautious. The Devil might one day own their being if he is able to prepossessing them the way he persuaded Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Marcia: I support Jerry one-hundred percent. When I met him he was wishy-washy, but disagree more. He is standing tall no matter if he is standing alone. Let’s end on my note of confidence and love for my husband. Bye, Methuselah. Bye, my darling.

Jerry: Bye Marcia my darling and soul mate for all eternity. Bye, Methuselah.

Methuselah: I’ll see you for the next session. This session may be imaginary just you do recall that we spoke when you visited Marcia’s soul in the spirit world? It’s in your new book.

Jerry: I had forgotten about our rally in the spirit world during my nostalgia life regression. Thanks for reminding me.

Note from Jerry:
Methuselah’s words are a creation of Jerry’s mind. Jerry has never contacted Methuselah’s soul in the kelpie nature but has continuous active contact with Marcia’s soul washed-up direct thought- energy telepathy traveling at one million times faster than the speed of light.