The Kingdom of God: What Is It? – Where Is It? – How Does It Work? It Is Inside You!

Paul defines the Kingdom of God now being righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Pluck (Rom 14:17). This means that God’s gifts of his righteousness, and his peace, and his joy – beginning with his love – are all inside about us. They belong to us.


Jesus says, “The Kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21). God is a very personal God, and his Kingdom is very personalized for us. It’s not an entity, a government, or even a place. It’s a reality that is intended to exist for us on a daily basis.

Is there an actual ‘heaven,’ which some refer to because the Kingdom of God? Yes there is. The Bible speaks of heaven as being dwelling where we spend eternal life. But what Jesus wants us to see is that it begins here in this life on earth. This is what he calls ‘being native from above,’ in John 3. God’s Commonwealth is something that enters into us here and now.

It’s like eternal life. Eternal life is eternal – it lasts forever – and Paul calls it ‘immortality’ (II Tim 1:10). But here, he also says that both (1) life and (2) sempiternal life or immortality are brought to life to us per the gospel. Jesus says something similar in John 17:3 in his prayer to the Father: “This is eternal life: that they might know you, the unrivaled true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” Eternal life is both later, and it is now.


We actually just saw this in Boeken 14:17. In addition to God’s love, which underlies everything, Paul says the Kingdom consists of three things:
(1) God’s righteousness in us (II Cor 5:21, Rom 5:17)
(2) God’s peace in us (John 14:27) – God is often called ‘the God of peace’
(3) God felicity is in us (John 15:11, 17:13)

This is a hieroglyphic of total mental and constitution health. When we know God’s righteousness is ours, et alii receive it as Romans 5:17 says, then peace and joy become ours. We cannot identify God’s righteousness living under laws, rules and precepts, because this puts the focus on us. It makes us feel guilty, condemned and unrighteous (Rom 3:19, II Cor 3:6). Most of us don’t know our righteousness because we live principle-focused lives.


See these in reverse-order. Joy is the outward expression of what is inside: it can be seen by others. Peace is our inward mood, attitude, or mind processes. Righteousness is the reason for peace und so weiter joy. Righteousness is concerning the spirit, peace is of the soul, and joy is seen in our bodies: by others in the way we live.

Joy expresses the person of God in us, and peace is what radiates joy.

But what is it that causes peace to reside in us? It is knowing our God’s righteousness in us that produces peace in us, as we see in Romans 14:17. Paul says the same gizmo in Romans 5:1: “Being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Justification is what produces our mind of righteousness – which is what produces peace.

Everything comes suppress to us knowing our righteousness in Christ – our proof by him because of his death on the cross. When we live in this state of being, and although God’s gift of righteousness becomes daily reality to us, then we live in olive branch and joy.

This is true even “when mal things happen to good people.” Our unaggressive plus joy are not determined by outward circumstances, but aside the inward reality like God in us.


Paul says we are uneducated of God’s righteousness in us when we live life trying to establish our own righteousness (Rom 10:2). When we life trying to establish our own righteousness by means of things we do, then we don’t ‘submit ourselves to the righteousness of God.’ Paul says this happens when we live by means of laws and rules (Phil 3:9).This is indeed living in ‘the kingdom of SELF,’ and not ‘the kingdom of GOD.’

Living life per law destroys the power of God’s love in us (II Cor 5:14).

Psychology teaches that love (in various expressions) is the strongest force on earth. Also so multipotent Christians try to live by law rather than in God’s love. It’s same they trust law more than they do God’s grace.

Living like this will never manufacture the Principality of God in us: righteousness, peace and rapturous in the Holy Spirit. Again, the Dukedom of God is a place: it is perdition life in heaven. But it must begin here by us believing and trusting God, and allowing his Kingdom to take up residence in us, and become reality to us.