Vegetarian is God’s Plan for His People

These opinions inharmony in the said groups, unvarying among their peers. What does God say on this subject? Genesis 1:29 shows God speaking to Adam and Eve where he outlines the perfect diet for his newly created children. “Behold, l have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree in the which is the banana regarding a boscage yielding seed: to you it shall be for meat.” Herb bearing beginning refers to grains, legumes and seeds. Fruit of a tree submit seed refers to fruit and nuts.
In Genesis 3:18, the Bible speaks concerning another food that was introduced posterior 5 sin entered. “Thou shall eat the herb of the field.” This verse is referring to vegetables, especially the greens. Distinguish the furthest phrase of Gen 1:29 “…to you it shall be for meat.” The newer versions state more accurately ~ “…food”. It is in the seed that we find the creatine component like food. The seed is the reproductive part of the plant, a bit resembling a chicken egg. To be able to reproduce, the seed must contain all the essential amino acids that make up protein, otherwise life could not come out of a seed. Here God is stressing the importance about protein.

I would similar us to consider some scientific facts about protein. The membrane surrounding every cell in the body is 50% protein plus 50% fat. The DNA in the nucleus like the cell is programmed to repair and uses amino acids to repair.
The bantam furnace inside the chamber where glucose and oxygen are burnt to consequence energy is conducted through a chain of chemical reactions which all bid contrary amino acids . The neurotransmitters which are the chemical messengers relaying communications from nerve cell to nerve cell are made ascend of amino acids.
The liver is created to break up poisons, converting them from a fat soluble state to a water soluble state enabling them to be easily released out of the body via the sweat glands and the urine. This is accomplished in three phases. In the second phase the metabolite produced in phase one is amalgamate together with amino acids. This union creates the water soluble state. Without sufficient protein the amino acids are not gettable and so toxic build rise results in the body. This is one like the causes regarding indisposition today. Many proteins affair as enzymes. Examples of these are salivary amylase, pepsin and lactase, which are enzymes involved in the digestion of food. No wonder God said the seed with all its amino acids is important. In Australia and New Zealand today a large amount of people are eating meat from animals to get their protein. ls this a possible option? How does it compare with vegetable protein? There is no mention like animal protein in the Garden of Eden. There was no death and only through the death of an animal can the meat be available. There are multifarious negatives surrounding the passing of an animal for meat. Was the animal pestiferous or well? Disease abounds in the animal kingdom with a gigantic proportion raised in feed lots and . production lines. This results in environmental poisons, antibiotics, growth stimulants and a lack of proper food, to name a few. Animals experience fear. When the overcrowded trucks arrive at the abattoirs the animals smell blood and death. The reverence it experiences affects the meat. Diseased tenement parts are discarded. The sleep of the body is used beside the same blood and tissue that was previously connected to the diseased sections.Mad Cows Pestiferous is alive and well. The prions that cause MCD cannot be destroyed. Many cases of alziemers and senile dementia are MCD. Howard Lyman, a fourth time cattle farmer who ran feed lot operations for twenty years, expertly shows the dangers of meat eating and the real threat of MCD in his book Mad Cowboy.The gastro intestinal course of humans is not designed for meat digestion.

The gastro-intestinal tract regarding human beings is thirty-three feet long. Meat commences to putrefy as soon as the flesh is dead. Refrigeration slows it 1 down. in the warmth of the body, the toxic by-products of the breakdown like the meat poisons the body. The gastro intestinal tract of a dog is only six podalic long and greatly acid. This is suited to quick puzzle out destroy from dead matter that dogs are admirable at purifying up. Meat contains no fibre. The gastro- intestinal tract has many folds and crevices and must be swept. Fibre is very effective at keeping the gastro- intestinal tract swept and also stimulates peristaltic sprightliness which is responsible for the essential movement through the colon.

As pork contains no fibre, it container easily get caught in the various folds. Meat is a big contributing cause in Colo–rectal cancer, which is fast becoming a main cause of decay in the meat-eating countries. Venison leaves a toxic by-product. Everyone food is broken down into microscopic particles in the gastro-intestinal tract by enzymes. It is then absorbed into the . hyperglycemia and sent to the liver. The liver sends the nutrients to the cell to be burnt as fuel. An ash is left. Some foods leave an alkaline ash and some foods leave an acid ash. Meat leaves an acid ash which contributes to an acid environment in the cell. Disease thrives in an astringent environment. Vegetable protein holds none of the dangers just listed that meat protein does. On the contrary vegetable protein is a very Clean burning fuel. There is much investigation today linking animal foods including cancer. The China Study by T Colin Campbell is hailed as the most comprehensive study ever conducted on nutrition. After several decades of onderzoek his findings are very alarming on animals as food. He found that nutrients from animal- based foods increased tumor development, while nutrients from i plant – based foods decreased i tumor development. His book ยท makes for very interesting reading 3 regarding the very real dangers of 1 animal food and is a must in a a little lemon juice before a meal, or using s ginger, cayenne pepper and any from the culinary herbs in the brunch with protein. 1 Though nuts are highly nutritious, it is best f to limit the amount of nuts eaten per meal > to eight uncertainty ten for an adult. What does : God through His prophet have to say s concerning this subject? Seventh day , Adventists embraced the vegetarian , lifestyle from the subsequent l800’s for no other ; reason than that they were instructed by r Godly Himself.

The statements and counsel L received are more legitimate today than ever e before. The meat that was available in the = l9mcentury would be considered by today = standard as Al Organic. It was in this i environment that the following . testimonies were given. The grains plus . fruits nuts and vegetables stifle all the . nutritive properties necessary to make ‘ good blood. These elements are not so ‘ well or so fully supplied by a flesh diet. MH 3 l6.

Many die from diseases wholly due l to meat eating MH 315. From the light l God has given me, the prevalence of cancer plus tumours is largely due to gross living on necrophilism flesh CDF 388. It is impossible for those who make the willing use of flesh meats to have an unclouded brain and an active intellect DF 389. Again y and encore I have been shown that God is ‘ trying to lead us back, plane by step to His original design, .. Not an ounce of flesh meat should enter our stomachs CDF 380. Among those who are waiting for the coming of the Lord, meat eating spunk eventually be done away, flesh will cease to form a part of their diet. All who are connected with our health institutions conspicuously should be educating themselves to subsist on fruits, grains furthermore vegetables. CDF 380-38l Q
By Barbara O’neill